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Work update

Hoo-hoo, I've been so darn busy lately. I'm not only working 20 hours a week at my usual joint, but I'm also doing some freelancing work on the side. That's a huge HUGE relief 'cause the dinero's really needed. I feel like such a bad-ass 'cause I'm charging nicely for my services. My father's side were all business people and now I can feel like I've joined the club, though on a small scale.

"Oh, but we too started small scale," they would say with a little gleam in their eyes. Of course, they'd say to take it to where I can! They would also be happy to see their greed is in me after all. No, more like their intelligence, industriousness, and independence. Yeah, that stuff.

My computer took a major puke on me and I decided that it is time for me to get a new one after all. The nice thing is that what I do qualifies as "self-employed" and I can write it off because that is what I'll use it to do. That certainly is a relief!


In a similar department, my boss Lady Jane scowled at me earlier this week. She said the job was just a temp. job and to not get too comfy with it. After all, it looks really, really bad to be on a temp job for too long (how the fuck is 2 months "too long"). She said it to me in a mean tone, and as if I was getting comfy and that I was settling for the job at hand. No, no, I'm not. I've been seeking work pretty agressively and I really didn't like that she was implying that I wasn't 'cause I was telling the office every move I've made. I've mailed out 38 resumes since May, and they were not bad ones, either!

Of course, I didn't back-talk to the white lady or else that would make her really pissed. I was pissed at what she had to say to me, and it made me feel like she wanted me gone. She doesn't have enough for me to do sometimes and she gets anxious. Then, she expects me to stay in my cubicle all day and sit still until she gives me somthing. My big boss allows me to roam and doesn't worry about me leaving my desk, but Jane had a problem. I started to mark where I went, even if it were to the bathroom. I've been "temp" for 2 months now since my assistantship contract ended, and it's been a little tense, but manageable.

Okay, enough of that. What is happening is that one place is offering me a part-time job conditional on my passing their physical and drug test (aw, damn... I guess it means I gotta stop free-basing my crystal-meth, haha, just kidding!). They are really, really nice people but it's only part-time with few benefits. I told them I'd go for the job because I'm not sure if I'll ever find a job in the near future...

However, I have another phone interview this week with an in-state job in the type of work I wanna do. Hoo-hoo...

...Hoo-hoo, huh. I met Timmy, one of the guys on the selection committee for the job. He was talking to my big boss at the state librarian conference last week, and looked at me in passing, giving me this, "ooh, she's cute" look that my peculiar charm attracts every so often. Yeah, the boss noticed and quietly flashed his wide grin. I walked up to them, as I was with my boss anyhow, and I introduced myself to the guy. We casually talked for a moment and told him I was applying for a job at his college.

"Oh, so YOU'RE Hitch-hike!" he instantly replied. "I am on the search committee for that position and I saw your resume. Yes, so you're Hitch-hike. I saw your webpage."

I could feel Da' Big Boss snicker and I slightly cringed. As much as I like male attention, I didn't want it to mix with important matters like job-hunting.

"You'll be hearing from us soon, very soon!"

He soon excused himself to go, and then I mused ('cause I can talk to the boss this way): "Now he has a face to the resume and paper he had. Maybe my looks will do me good for this one," and he started to laugh.

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