Cafe Hitch-hike


Yeah, but...

I didn't have a dad, but I had a large family on my mom's side.

My family was poor, but our hearts were rich.

I had shitty jobs but met some cool people.

It was hard for me to get used to the rigors of the university, but I was able to use my hard-headed persistence to get me through.

They say I'm a nice person, but I still encounter people who just don't like me.

I can't keep a boyfriend for long, but I sure got to have a lot of fun with them (heh-heh-HEH) while we were together.

I was in love, deeply in love, but he eventually had to leave.

They say I can be boring at times, but then engaging and charming at others.

I live in a cute flat but the landlord's a greaseball who doesn't want to fix a thing.

They say I'm pretty, but my adult teeth grew in at age 7 and have been crooked ever since.

My teeth are crooked and naturally light yellow (even from the roots of the teeth they pulled), but they are very big and make for an interesting and charming smile.

I get so depressed at times and wish I could die, but I deeply know deep down that my soul has a rock-hard, die-hard will to live and that I probably would've figured a way to survive the sinking of the Titanic.

I had a slow start in life and figuring out what I wanted to be, yet I suppose I had a little fun along the way, and more freedom than most women experience in their lifetime.

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