Cafe Hitch-hike


This past weekend.

That's it. My PC has totally puked out on me and took a permanent vacation from life as we know it. Dell serendipitously mailed me a catalog, and I might have to give the plastic a workout on that baby. Oh, well... The nice thing about my side job is that I can probably write this off as a business expense.

The full moon was on Saturday and I got to watch the eclipse. I walked to the grocery store to watch the shadow. A brotha was waiting at the bus stop and I said, "did you see the eclipse? Take a look!" That was cool, I wonder if he knew it was happening. He was able to see the shadow completely cover it. When I walked back home, he was still waiting, and he said, "hey, have a nice night."

Other than that, I stayed home and vegged out all weekend. I got a lot of sleep and tried not to think of anything too depressing. Yeah, yeah... I was really hoping to find 1 full-time job by now. I was also hoping to be able to relocate to someplace warmer, I really, really was, but I guess that's just not meant to be right about this time.

I read over 2 letters I wrote to 2 different fellowships. Looking at them with an objective eye, I saw that I really didn't write anything definite or clear as I had for the other positions I've applied for. What the hell was I thinking? I was thinking at the time that I wasn't sure what they wanted to see, and it sure showed. Gees, I'd sure love to get either one of those fellowships because they sounded great, but those letters blew so badly. I feel like just giving up on those like every other job where my letter just fell down a black hole, I just feel like giving up on those 2 so that I don't exaggerate my hopes only to get let down... For christs sakes, I don't know...

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