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Family matters

My bro Debo turned 24 last week. 24??? Man-o-man! My LITTLE brother?? Then, Auntie Juana turns 51 this week, and my mom turns 50 next! So many November birthdays!

My sis LA the Wild Child is 25 years old. They say that she is now pregnant for the first time.

My sis A2 called me yesterday and left me a job on the answering machine:

"Hey, I was looking in the newspaper for jobs for (sis) Beads, and I just so happen to find these jobs for librarians. Hmmm... (Lists off the official names for positions) You'll be making mad money! $18, $20 an hour! Listen, we all figure that you're still in the Detroit area to get away from Mom, but now that Mom is in Austin, why don't you come back here?"

Hahahah! I had to laugh! My siblings know me all too well!

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to move back to the hometown? I don't know... I don't care too much for the place, the bible-belt in the midwest. Where a bunch of Calvinists and Huegenots settled to flee persecution in their home countries, and so instead they move here and persecute those who are different from them. The older I get, the less I regard organized religion. I don't think it would allow me to really fit in a place like that! I have a lot of good memories in the hometown, the the bad ones are just as potent and alive as ever... Do I really want to move into a haunted house?

Uncle Joe then called me the other night to see how things were going. He may be a dude, but that man can gossip like nobody's business! Yikes!! He figures the job hunt can be a downer at times and actually listens to me, though a little, when I talk about it.

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