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Life (or work) as it is now

I've got a busy week ahead. I just scheduled an interview, an ACTUAL interview, for the first week of December. Oooh, hoo... It's the one I wrote about a few days ago in the entry titled "Work Update" or something like that. I can't believe they called me back for an interview because I thought thousands of people would want that job! Well, it's in a sorta far-off place, certainly no place exotic. Maybe when applicants found out where it was, they decided not to apply, and I therefore get an interview by default??? God, I hope not on THAT condition! Hopefully on the condition that I'm a good candidate!

It's that job with that guy I met at a conference, the one who gave me the "oh-she's-cute" look. Hmmm, his look: About tall as me (5'8), my build (medium for a girl, haha!), shaved head, hazel allergetic eyes, complexion not paper white but pasty white, like NO SUNLIGHT white. Oh boy, my luck...

The computer's going to log out, i'll update tomorrow..

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