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It was a very interesting weekend. They fall like this every so often. One co-worker got engaged, another met a hunky guy, and another got married. I met a couple with the most beautiful and cool toddlers I've seen, and they seem happy and excited about their parenthood and marriage. Oh. I went to Niagara Falls and Toronto, where I had a very nice time. The weather was gorgeous in Detroit this weekend, and was mild in Ontario. Oh.

My friend in Toronto is doing well. He makes a respectable living and bought a new townhouse. He's a school teacher and has the required education and experience for a gorgeous raise, and promotion if he wants to.

The Landlord, Greaseball, is gonna buy a new warehouse and rent it out to a bunch of Mexicans who want to have an indoor flea market. He had just won a nice fat contract from a community organization to inhabit one of his buildings. Even on the downbeat, he owns a rooming house with a bunch of former mental health hospital residents, but he talks with them and deals with them quite well. He said he never had to kick one out because of trouble, and they talk to him like they really like him. Oh.

Hey Flav, maybe your boss had some good news at your annual event. Could I add you to the luck around me??

And what about me? I ask. The school principal who looks like my darling, disturbed D* finally paid me money for my services. I also got a check from the university, but it was because they accidentally kept me on their health plan for a couple of months after my contract expired. I'll be sending my mom money as a belated birthday present. She's having a hard time right now and needs some money, so I'm sending her $100.

My 80 year-old Mexican grandpa remodeled his house. He did not want to just sell it after the squatters moved out. He just wanted to spend his money and enjoy his house. It wasn't just that, he hired out a bunch of our relatives, including my brother, to work on different aspects of it. Wow, that is an interesting use of family labor! He is going to throw a Thanksgiving dinner at his house to showcase his accomplishment.

Happy-go-lucky-me... Well, is it? Yeah, sure. It's nice when the people around me are doing well. I like it when I hear good news!

Let's see, my life is better by leaps and bounds since I've moved away from the hometown and in every way. For goodness sake, I interviewed with a top-notch university, and just to say that is quite alright. Hahah. I have my own place, my health is good. And yes, I say, I can keep things together. I've managed to keep the most important parts of my life together.

And that is my luck. That is my accomplishment. Someone with my background has been able to keep the important things together, and I'm finally glad for it.

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