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Too much

I've got too much going...

Interview tomorrow, it will take all day and I will have to be there at 7:30 a.m. to show my stuff and try not to get too tongue-tied. Will put lots of styling product in my hair so my thick-thick hair doesn't look like Don King's by noon... My hair seems to reflect my nerves for some reason.

I just got a PDA! Woo-hoo!! I like it already! Of course, it takes forever to input all the addresses/ etc-etc... As I am still without home computer, I get to put it all in the littl machine. It's so much more portable than my address book.

I had a bunch of freelance work to do this weekend. The school principal who looks like my Darling, Disturbed D* even wanted me to get some stuff done for him... Hahah, I took a good look at him. I'm taller than him, and he's got a little pudge. D* was imperially slim and tall, hahah, so he doesn't look that much like D*.

Thanksgiving was cool!! Hooray!!! Special thanks goes to the Moe Family (my step-family) who were gracious hosts, and also to the Pancho Villa family (a tributary of the Moes). Even Aunt & Uncle Jerk were nice, how about that!!!

I saw PC, hahaha, I handled it well. Her husband Spouse is a pompous, arrogant ass. That was the conclusion reached by Auntie Pancho and I. I told the family what was really going on; not the dirty details like PC was messing around and bla-bla-blah, but that she entered the marriage with some promises that were broken, the marriage was all about Spouse, and 10 years later, it twisted her inside. Well, PC is still spoiled, self-centered and secretive, but that was a well-known fact (little did I know). But that's the jist of the story.

It was nice to be home on Friday night when I got back to my own crib in metro Detroit. I was physically tired, but my brain was whizzing a mile-a-minute. I wanted to go out for a little while, but my body wanted to stay home, and so that I did. I remember when I was younger and big into my hobbies that my mom would make me stay home and do nothing during my really squirrly times, and that was what I was doing for myself.

Mmm, ahhhhhh... So now I've got to prepare my 30-minute presentation, which will be a lesson on how to do library database searching. Oh, pray thee that it will go well!!! AAAhhhh!!

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