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Work and Weird Hotel Events

Like I said, too much had been going on. Life's been alot about work lately. Well yeah, do something so I can pay the bills and support myself. I guess it matters, a little.

The interview of last week went pretty well. I drove up to the interview the night before and the college hooked me up with a room at the Sheridan (my sorrys to Uncle Joe who's a Marriott man). The hotel receptionist gave me a long route to get to my room. I saw why when I took the short way to get to my room from Demon's Steakhouse in the hotel. There was a singles convention going on in the rooms in the short way. Ugh, it was smoky and the air was thick with middle-age testosterone. So many men with blazers, receding hairlines, smoking cigars, leering at the first hint of woman that came their way... I walked by and got stabbed to death by leers. Yuck!

It reminded me of when Stevo (another former beau) and I went to Chicago for an extended day trip. We randomly picked a Radisson for lodging. To unwind, I went to the pool area where I talked to a couple who were there for "a conference... it's for couples who want to open their minds, add spice to their marriage." Har-har, it was a hotel holding a swinger's convention for the greater Chicagoland area. Just my luck!

I used to collect "Do Not Disturb" signs from all the hotels I stayed in, but now I think I'll start "The Weirdest Hotel Events" contest.

So, for college positions, the interviews normally go all day. I paced myself so that I wouldn't spend all my energy in the morning. The people were really nice and I actually enjoyed them (huh, "enjoy" an interview?).

I got to see Timmy, the bald guy I met at the state librarian conference because he was part of the search committee. I was a bit nervous over that, but we both were well-behaved and I saw that he was actually rather shy and low-key. I also noticed a couple changes. First, he was letting his hair grow. Second, he had pigment (spent a little time outdoors?). At the end of my interview, he came up to me with confidence and a little glow. He held out his hand to me and said, "if I don't get to see you again, I just wanted to say 'good luck'." I reached for his hand (large, may I add, hahahah!!!) and we shocked each other they touched. I just smiled, and savored its fit in the moment.

I then started another part-time job at a public library. I got the go-ahead when I passed their drug test (hahaha). I like that library a lot, it's just too bad they don't offer health insurance. I'm busy gettng to know the routine of that place, it's so different than the college where I presently work part-time...

So... things have been a little blur lately. I get to drive out to the public library when I'm done working in this place. I then go home and regroup. I'm still searching for full-time employment, but I'm sort of relying on previous patterns to get me through. I've interviewed for jobs right about now, and started new ones in January or February. It was like that for the job I have now and the last law job I held. So... if it goes like usual, maybe I'll find the job I want around that time or start??? I dunno....

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