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I can use a giggolo right about now

I just got done making a huge pot of chili for Da Big Boss's birthday. Earlier this week, I said to him, "you turn 65 this year, don't you?" He noted I added a few years to his age. I replied, "you didn't have any kids, so someone had to do it for you!" I had some for dinner tonight, just to see how it tasted. It wasn't my best, but he's always good for food in the office.

Other than work, it's been a relatively quiet week. The folks at the public library are pretty nice. At that library, we have rules, civility, organization. At my college library, we have very little of that. Last week, there was a big fight on the 3rd floor of the coll.lib. The fight broke up before the police came. About an hour later, a black guy, and Asian, and two white guys came to my desk, "Yeah, we were the ones who started that fight but it was an experiment for a psychology class. We wanted to talk to the police because we just realized we were on camera." Yeah, sure. You can talk to the police, but they sure aren't gonna talk to you. More like bitch you out!

Hmmm, then a sorority was doing some stupid single-file line dance through the library and hooting some chant or another.

Then a guy got pissed at me because I wouldn't let him play his ghetto-blaster in the atrium area.

Another guy brings food to the computer terminals, as our library doesn't have a food & beverage policy. He brings buckets of fried chicken, boxes of donuts, and 2-liters of Faygo. He is dubbed our "Fried Chicken Man." How dirty!

I've wondered how much our library is responsible for the attrition (drop-out) rate of our fine ghetto university???? It's also close to final exams. Everyone goes fucking nuts this time of the year.

While at the coll. lib, I was chatting online with my sister last winter. A cop came, some people ran out of the building, and then the ambulance came. Sis Beads writes, "First you have some people being chased out, then a cop, then an ambulance. That's Detroit." Yup, that's Detroit. Our library is only a microcosm of this grrrrr-eat city!

A couple of days ago, I met Justin, a cutie-pie who works at the pub. lib. He smiles at everybody, is super cheerful and sweet. It was like he wouldn't stop looking my way until I introduced myself. The reassuring thing is that he is this way to everyone. Yeah, he's sweet and he's cute. We chatted a bit and then I laughed to myself. I'm getting to that age where a lot of cute guys are younger than me. Today's his 21st birthday, and it made me laugh some more. I'm 9 years older than him! Now I think I know how former beaus Bill (who's now 41) and Disturbed D*(age 43) felt towards me.

I've been thinking alot lately about guys from the past. I'd really like to date again. I think about the things I liked best about them, all different things. The guys were a lot alike (intelligent, active, fun, straight-forward, a good sense of themselves, and a sexy streak), but each one had something unique about them that I liked. (sigh...) A lot of good-looking guys come into the pub.library, I noticed. (sigh....) But I'm just the librarian. (sigh...)

I know, I know, I have to communicate and be in touch with someone on a regular basis before chemistry emerges and liking starts to happen and blah-blah-blah. I've had enough of the hot & heavy & quick-to-start/quick-to-burn things to last me three lifetimes. Hmmm, I just still think about the guys, that's all.

Man, oh-man. I can use a giggolo right about now.

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