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Raven-haired rocker girl

I'm at the college library right now, Casa de las Locas (House of Crazies), and it's exam week. I put up a little mirror next to my work station so I can see behind me 'cause things get super crazy this time of the year. Yeah, people may think I'm vain with this powder-puff mirror but screw that! Tomorrow, I will be doing an all-night stint (hooray, I can hardly wait).

I got my haircut yesterday. I went to some Italian guy named George who feverently talked about his current bed buddy and all the people he bonked who were much older than him. Man, he was slutty, I noticed that a lot of Detroit people (women AND men) are pretty brusque and aggressive when it comes to dating, but he did a good job with my hair.

I checked out my hair when I got home and put some styling product in it. I looked like Joan Jett (hahahah!!). Hmmm. Or maybe Pat Benetar? I laughed, in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Jennifer Jason Lee thought the guys would like her better if she got the Pat Benetar look. Hahahah, then she totally slutted out and had to get an abortion. Anyhow, There was also the singer from Quarterflash, she was a brunette, I think? There was also Chrissie Hynde, but her hair was long, on the shaggy side, and covered her eyes. Heheheh, I got myself a rocker-girl haircut if I put it a certain way!

Well, while I'm here tomorrow night, I'll probably update my Palm Pilot and do twisted shit on the internet (like try to find clips of the Paris Hilton vid, hahaha!). I've also gotta send out holiday cards (yeah, not all of my friends are Christian, but in good spirit I'll send them a "Peace on Earth" type of thing).

I just found out one of my undergrads who worked with me last year is already pregnant. Damn, she's barely out of school and hasn't been on her teaching job too long. I thought. Damn, and she isn't even Mexican! (haha, I can tell jokes like that, 'cause I'm half Mexican). She's excited and I would be, too. I guess I just imagined she'd wait a little longer or something.

Shit, the only reason why I'm working tonight is because one of my co-workers is out on maternity leave. Two people at this desk get pregnant in the course of a year?? Uh-oh...

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