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Up All Night...Letter to Beads

Hi Beads:

How the hell are you? You'll never guess where I am? It's about 4:00 a.m. and I'm working! Aaaagh! The university library is open all night because it's exam week. Man, it's trippy. Students are sleeping in the chairs, study carrels, and all over the place, but they're supposed to be studying for their final exams! Since we don't have rules about food (unlike most libraries), people have brought in boxes of pizza, 2 liters, chinese food, donuts... You name it, someone's probably eating it and the library looks all grouse (I feel truly sorry for the janitors in a couple of more hours!)... I really wish I had one of those phone cameras so I can take pictures! So anyway...

I haven't been online much lately. I've been so terribly busy at work that my freaking head is spinning. I just started a new job at a public library, and I like it. There's just a lot of things to learn about how it operates day-by-day... It's a part-time job, 20 hours/week. Then, at the college, this lady's on maternity leave and another's out on medical leave, so I get to fill in for them when they can't be here (hence, I'm here over night). It's made my schedule really weird... I've also been assigned to supervise this obnoxious blind woman; my boss hired her only 'cause he likes her damn guide dog! Yee-haah!

We just got new software loaded on our computer and it will NOT allow us to download AOL chat or anything else! Man, that blows!

Oh, yeah, and then my computer at home is being repaired and it's taking forever... I guess you should never just get it fixed "for free". There are strings attached!

I missed you on Thanksgiving! You just move too fast for me! I stopped by Aunt & Uncle Jerk's around 6ish and hung around there for a while. I went to The Moe's, my step-family's Thanksgiving, and then went to see everyone at Jerk's.

Uncle Ed called me yesterday and today, hahah!!! Does he call you with his "breakfast menus"?

Anyway, I thought I'd drop a line and say "hello!" How are things going over there? I hear trickles of gossip from Joe, but what does he really know anyway?? Word always gets tangled up in the grapevine, right???

So, I love you and say 'hi' to everyone for me!!!


Sis Hitch-hike

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