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Did a lot of nothing... Bad song discovery

Oh, thank god!! Exams are over and now people can be sane again. They are too exhausted to act like freaks so now work is lower key for once! My workload has slowed down with the holidays, so I can finally see the actually desk surface (at the university... public library's a different story).

We had our holiday party yesterday. I got alot done and then I also did a lot of nothing. We dressed up the guide dog to the blind woman I supervise (agh, the dog was in the university colors but certainly wasn't in the school spirit, she was sulking). Willie and I were playing catch in the Librarian's Office with a football donated to our Adopt-A-Family Christmas program. The guide dog got really excited and started running in a roller-derby formation around the office! We then said our goodbyes to Brucie-Goosie who just graduated from the library science program... All of my peers have gone away, including the graduate assistants I began with (sigh).

I will have the next 2 weeks off from the university and I'm so damn glad... I will come in a day here and a day there to cover for the chick's who's gone on maternity leave, and to do the payroll for my undergrads. My professional life has been a royal freak show since Thanksgiving and I can't wait to get some time off! I look forward to working only 20 hours, for a little while.

Thank you, Flav, if you read this before I e-mail you, for the CD. I haven't listened to it yet... but I will let you know what I think!

The people in the next cubicle are talking about the final Lord of the Rings movie. Oh, man... I live close by the movies (Fairlane, I mean, Fairghetto), so I might have to arm myself and take a trip there.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow... I'm going to a RedWings game, my very first ever!! Hoo-hoo!!!

I finally got my PC back! (sound effect: Stadium Hurrah). I had to move my bookshelf back to its regular place and managed to break it, so I had to go buy another. While in the check-out queue, in a bad mood, I spotted a 70s CD... I felt better... It had the quessential Hitchin' A Ride, by Vanity Fare, whoo-hoo! A song that reminds me of Bill. It reminds me of him because I heard the song on an airplane, on my way to or from Atlanta (don't remember which direction), and it came on Delta's music station... I was floating, 40,000 feet, a little vodka (or was it gin?) in me... And I was thinking of him, wondering how he was doing with visiting his family in New Jersey, and there was this song.

I discovered a few things listening to this song:

1. I liked it because we had 170 miles of distance that were between us. The song caught a major theme in our relationship.

2. Bill and I didn't have the most emotionally endearing and deep relationship, but there were a few qualities that stand out with glow-in-the-dark intensity... My sister's Spouse once asked me about him, and I told him about Bill, but concluded, "it's mostly physical." The physical part wasn't also the greatest ever, but, well... there were a few qualities that stand out with glow-in-the-dark intensity...

3. That song is the cheesiest 70s pop song I ever heard!! What the hell was I thinking to think it was so cool for so long!?? The music, the voice, everything about the song reeks of little talent. The band should've stayed in the pubs of England or wherever the hell they were from!

4. I can't remember whether I was coming or going from Atlanta, and I can barely remember what I drank (I can only narrow it down, beer or clear liquor with fruit drink or Sprite). That was also the occasion that I was so hungover after new years that I lost my car in the park-and-lock when I got to Detroit! I was in quite great shape, NOT! When you're buzzed, 40,000 feet in the air, and literally walking on air from thoughts of your special guy or gal, anything feels right and perfect, including a song as bad as "Hitchin' a Ride."

Some discovery!

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