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Hockeytown Adventures

Man alive... I went to my very first professional hockey game where I watched the Detroit Redwings play the Chicago Blackhawks.

I now understand the craze... It was very intoxicating! Nearly all of the seats in the Joe Louis Arena were good! I didn't even need binoculars to see what was going on the ice! Ooh, ahh... And I saw a fight! FIGHT, FIGHT!! The game is very fast-paced and it isn't plagued with all these damn time-outs and TV breaks like NBA and NFL. I now know what to do when I'm depressed... go to a Red Wing game, even if the seats are crappy!

They were promoting the GLIAC college hockey turnaments and then they played the school fight songs to both State University of the Rust Belt and also its rival, Rust Belt University. Being that I am an alumni of State U. of the Rust Belt, I was one of maybe 12 people clapping to the fight song to a chorus of boos (yeah, I'm afraid the Detroit area is truly R-B University territory). When their fight song was playing, me and the 12 other State U. fans were booing, but it was all in good fun!

Yeah, dammit, I paid $40,000 or so to lay claim to my alumni distinction. Might as well find some way to be amused or entertained by it!

Oh, yeah, and it's cool to watch a winning and talented team, hahaha!


Hockeytown, Part II

Yeah, and there is a special reason why I went to see the Red Wings in the first place.

I've finally dated someone for more than 2 dates. And, there hasn't been a hell-bent demand to do the wild thing, althought I'm confident the notion is in the both of us. And, he seems rather regular. Dan's his name, and he's a local boy. He's a good-looking guy who also wants a relationship, and that is very refreshing!

My attitude? Promising. Let's see how we are like together, enjoy ourselves (a la the Red Wings, movies, food, talking), and see where it goes from there!

We're going to see Lord of the Rings, woo-hoo!!

Recently, I've been thinking about going out again and having a relationship again. Yes, I was thinking of the cool guys I've dated, what I liked about them, all that stuff. However, I was also thinking a little about how I approach dating and relationships. I'd get so nervous about what the guy thinks about me, if our conversation was stimulating enough, if my looks were good... And then, I'd get more nervous. What are his intentions? Is he just gonna want to bump and run? If anything physical happens between us, could I handle it if I don't see him again? Will I seem him again after this night? And... does he really want a relationship or is he just acting?? What? What??

I was talking to Lala and a couple of weeks ago I then added I should stop bending over backwards to be perfect for men I'm with.

"For God's sake," I gasped, "why should I be? (**lists major problems of a couple guys**). Why the hell should I worry about my quirks and how others take them when I've had this crap?"

Amen, sista!

Damn, I think too much sometimes.

Thank god for new possibilities for things to change, and entertainment to get my mind off them for a while!

So it's off to the Lord of the Rings, and more adventures in Hockeytown...

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