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Skating into the New Year

It's 2004!! I was recalling previous new years...

2003 - in Canada with Max. Wore a black, crushed velvet suit. Partied with his ex-girlfriend who turned out to be the club bicycle (hahah). The next day, we were relaxed, rediscovered the joys of companionship.

2002 - The Shag. in Atlanta with PC & Spouse. Danced the shag with her neighbor who looked like Tim Robbins. Lost my car in the airport park & lock due to killer-fricking hangover. Thinking of Bill...

2001 - Downer. Darling, Disturbed D* moved to Vermont and I wasn't feeling very festive. I worked at the Holiday Inn and catered an event, trying to just keep busy.

2000 - Viral. Houston with PC & Spouse. Caught a killer-fricking flu from her mother-in-law that I had for the entire month of January. Thinking of Juan, and ran into him about 12 days later, where I caught the worst case of infactuation 'til July.

2004??? I wasn't as rambunctious as I can be. However, I enjoyed Chardonnay and some dances with Max again. I wore a crushed cranberry-red velvet dress... I teased my hair into almost a beehive for a retro look (fun!!). I was sober enough to drive from the Canadian Club to Max's (what a bummer-hahah).


Dan and I had "the talk" and we mutually gave each other "the friends" speech this past Sunday. He said he's sort of down 'cause he's been unemployed since May, and he doesn't have the resources he's used to having, his concentration's been in that direction. I understood perfectly, I felt a lot of the same way in my own life. We agreed to hang out for fun and all, but to see others if we so-happen to meet others.

Yeah, he may talk an awful lot and kiss terribly, but he's fun and is sweet. I've met a lot of aggressive and brusque men in Detroit; Dan's got fire in his belly I can see, but doesn't need to act like an ass about it. He's close to his family and I know they mean alot to him. So... hooray, I have someone decent to hang out with around here! We still talk and all.


I feel like a ho (hahah). No, not really, I'm finally dating again and I reckon when it rains it can pour at times. It's not like we're professing love and lust to each other just yet (more laugh).

John called a couple of times while I was gone for New Year's, and I finally called him back. I was too tired on Friday to go out, which he figured besides, so we should hang out tomorrow.

John. John's pretty deep and he easily talks about tough topics. It's a peculiar change of gears for me because I don't talk like that too often; I've gotten used to talking that way with select people. He's interesting because he's rather low-key, yet is willing to honestly talk about some deep things (his father, daughter, family, nuances of his personality)...

I can feel little change-ups in his energy every so often, like he's so glad to be hanging out, and then gets shy or withdrawn for a little bit. Yeah, I see all of this, and then I have this fantasy-story that he wrote for me. Yup, a complex person he is.


Happy New Year? Yes, it has been, in its strangely beautiful and charming way... I do finally feel refreshed. It was nice to go away to Canada for a little while because I get to leave work behind and all my little responsibilities and remember who I really am with all that aside...

And on a less-adult note, I got myself the coolest present. I feel like the coolest kid on the block for it...

What would Brian Boitano do if he were here right now?
I'm sure he'd kick an ass or two,
That's what Brian Boitano would do!
(thrash band guitar & percussion duo)

I got a new pair of ice skates!! Yay! They are so cool! I got them in Canada and they are CCM recreational ice skates! They fit beautifully and give great support! I get so excited about getting new winter stuff! They were specially endorsed by Jamie Sale' and David Pelletier (hahah), the French Canadian couple who almost lost the olympic gold 'cause of bribed judges. They have a beautiful picture of them on ice on the box, and I felt excited as a 6-year old on Christmas! (hooray for advertising)

So, skating into the new year... Happy New Year to every one!!!

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