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The Auto Show

John and I went to the North American International Auto Show... Yeah, I dig looking at the cars and reveling in the night's festivities. One year they had En Vogue singing, back in the 90s, and in 2001 the Jeep company had some circus performers a la Cirque du Soleil. One time I got to see the 2001 Thunderbird when it first came out, woo-hoo, the MotorTrend car of the year! It was my favorite car that year. I picked a good one 'cause now alot of the concept cars are taking parts of its design.

I took some pictures of the cars to send to my brother Debo. I also got all dressed up; for some reason, I changed my black pants at the last second for a skirt and heels... Weird, but maybe it indulged the wannabe-model in me...

Hitch-hike's picks:

Best concept car: Lexus - a hybrid mini-suv

Coolest display: Mini Coopers - had a create-your-own-postcard

Ugliest: A Saturn concept sportscar

Sorry, Flav, I didn't get a chance to look at the Mustangs but the Mitsubishis look the same as last year's but with more metallic colors.

There were so many cops there from not just Detroit but suburbs, along with K-9 units and even a couple of guys who looked as if they were on the SWAT team.

John & I sat in a Corolla and he muttered that there wasn't enough room in the back seat. My reply:

"The nice thing about Japanese cars is that the front seats fold and scoot nicely forward, touching the dashrooms. This creates more space in the back seat."

He was sorry he said anything.

"The other nice feature is that the front seats do recline." I pressed a lever and layed back with the seat. "See?"

So enough of the car show. John and I went to Greektown to hang out and for a late dinner. We walked through the casinos but as it turns out, he knows about as much as me about gambling (which is squat). The jingles of the slot machines and the silver, gold, sparkling lights are stimulating and sort of exciting. However, the air is thick and smoky. I saw some lady at a cards table who looked like she badly needed sleep and smoked too much. It freaks me out that people can go into someplace and blow $300 on something that they can't show for, or does little else than the fun of the moment. M'kay...

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