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Reality part of weekend

It was one of those occassional weekends of too-much-fun. I get one of those every so often where a weekend is filled with frivolity and festivity...

On Friday, Hockey Dan and I went to Miller's by Telegraph Road. They make the best burgers with Miller's on tap, mmmm,mmmm! Afterwards, we went to his place to watch the "Miracle on Ice," the 1980 Olympic hockey game where the young US team played and defeated the CCCP powerhouse (it wasn't for the gold, they actually went on to beat Finland for that). Dan's got a cute little place not far from my place.


I shamelessly went shopping the next day. Huh, that's something I don't do too often, but it was actually fun. I went to Fairghetto shopping mall and actually wasn't harassed. There wasn't as many people there, I was there before all the bad kids get there. The college I interviewed with earlier in December sent me a check for the mileage I drove up there, that was really nice of them, so I went to spend it at Fairghetto. Those people at my public library did no such thing for any of their candidates... Anyhow, I got some stuff on sale, including something red that I'd like and also John would like.


The pub.library honeymoon is over. The library board hates the library. The reference librarians hate the director and the director hates us. The director thinks we're mouthy, the other ref.libs think the director doesn't give a shit about us. Our staff is one of the lowest paid in southeast Michigan and probably works the hardest. The professional staff has completely turned over 3 times in the past 7 years. I have a huge pile of work to do, but of course little time to do it... I sure can't do it at the ref.desk because (a) we're very busy and (b) the computers we have to use are so darn slow that it takes a long time to serve patrons... Yee-fucking-hah, so this is why I went to graduate school?

Like I was saying not long ago, a full-time opening was open there but I didn't ask for it. It was equally telling that it wasn't announced or offered to any of the part-timers. My decision was made... I'd rather work in a college or university, and I might as well keep my foot in the door for that as long as I can.

I went to work today and I was actually dilligently working on my pile of stuff before the lib. opened. My supervisor snapped she needed something RIGHT NOW. Yeah, lady, I'm working on 3 other things that also should've been done RIGHT NOW, so get off my back! I had to bite my lip to erase any attitude, though I told her I don't get much time at all to do any of the work.

"That's because of your schedule," she snapped. Maybe a solution would be to not give me so much of that work!

Well, so here I write about reality. I had a marvelous night last night, and of course, it would've been more nice to recall it and do my work in its afterglow. However, I took a deep breath and thought, sort of hokey:

"He wouldn't want us to interrupt or get in the way of the things I do day-by-day, or for me to be zoned over it, so I'll keep my act together so I can't blame a little male attention for screwing things up for me. And of course, I wouldn't want to have the same detrimental effect on him."

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