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Well, let's see...

Guys can give you definite "yes" or "no" answers about anything. Women wafer alot more; it depends on their mood, schedule, etc... And God forbid if they have a weird feeling/thought about you or think you said something the wrong way. That could affect a friendship for months!

I hate to say this, but there is a little chemistry and spark present when talking to guys. A little mutual noticing and what-have-you. It doesn't mean we're gonna date, fall in love, do the wild thing, etc-etc, but it nicely spices an interaction.

If a guy doesn't want to hang out or hang out with me, that point becomes obvious as daylight. If it's a woman, there's only missed calls, unanswered messages, planned events that don't happen, "oh, call me!" and then another unanswered message. At least I know for sure with a guy!

Envy! Guys don't get pissed, jealous or envious when good news comes to another!

I stopped talking to Heather (my last roomate at U. of Rust Belt State) last spring and stopped e-mailing her. I lived about 1 mile away from her for a whole year and never once did I get an invite for anything. But, when her dad got laid off from his job and had to move in with her, she was ready to tell me about that and meet me to talk about it! I spared myself the venting session and didn't e-mail her.

Well, I can't say this is the case for all women, and it certainly isn't nice for me to say about women since I am one! But what can I say?

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