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It's been a busy time with the usual barrage of work and distraction. I was telling someone that life's been too even-keel to really write anything. There's nothing truly exciting to other people about the world of librarianship, haha. It's like we speak our own language.

Well, on a funny note, I haven't kept in touch with my relatives much since Christmas. My schedule's too funny and I was telling my sis Beads that they would get too bored anyway if I told them what was going on. Bored, yes. She replied, "that's ok, you've got me." And, things change quickly in my life. I may be doing this-that-or another thing, but I probably won't be doing this-that-or another thing the next time I talk to them. Instead of being interested in the changes, they think, "damn, girl, what will you be doing next week?" Hahah, just like my brother-in-law, Spouse.

Hmmm, well yesterday I was supposed to have a late lunch with John but he cancelled because some furniture company was delivering a desk set to his office. He forgot that they were coming when we set the time. I figured, as with all furniture delivery and cable company people, that they give you a broad window of time that they will appear, and a narrow door of time when they do, so we agreed to meet on Thursday.

Our later conversation had a twist. If I want any indication of where we are going in terms of our seeing-each-othership, he called me back three hours later. He said, "oh, yeah, they're here. They didn't know how to carry the damn desk up the stairs, so I had to go and show them." He was glad the furniture was in place, and that was all he had to tell me, other than "we'll see each other on Thursday? Okay, we will."

It make me snicker. In past relationships when things got further, I'd get phone calls like that. Once a guy called me to tell me there was a video for a song he knew I liked and had to call to tell me. Of course, by the time I could turn it on and see for myself, it was over. He had nothing more to say, just that Flip Fantasia by Us3 was on.

So the man is saying silly things. I'm doing silly things, too. I get really cold the second after we stop our outdoor hikes. Combine that with John's love for black coffee. I went out and bought a Thermos... I fill it up with hot coffee and keep it in the car. John gets cups of fresh coffee when we're done, and I get something to warm me up. The Thermos, with its stainless-steel and black parts appeals to my aesthetics as well. It's not too big and heavy. So, everybody wins!

Yeah, so last night I was online and lo and behold, a bunch of my relatives were online. I had a chance to talk to sis Beads and get caught up. I was so glad to hear that our 17-year old sis RA is back in school. She's working at her dad's favorite pizza place, Big Blob's, and it's also a donut shop. I bet he's happy for that!! Last year, RA got in trouble for stealing money from someone and I guess they decided to press charges. She's on probation and if she gets in trouble again she'll get an adult sentence. Whew, that girl would get away with murder and I guess her luck just ended.

I asked Beads if she ever talks to our Mom and she said no. I said whenever I talk to Mom, she's either not in the mood, not home, or recovering from brown-bottle flu, and Beads agreed. I also asked her if Mom was asking her to move to Austin and Beads said she was. Beads said, "it's not like I don't have a life. I have my man, Debo (our brother), and my kids. Mom talks about us moving in and living together." Yeah, Mom was asking me to do the same, too.

"I love her and all," said Beads, "but she was never really there for us in the first place when she was living up here. And, she was the one who just upped and moved to Texas."

Relief. Sis Beads feels the same way I felt about Mom. What a beautiful thing. Someone in my family agrees with me on something. It is MAJOR relief.

Yeah, my mom went to Austin last May to visit her relatives. Not long after she came back to Michigan, she started giving away all her stuff. We all knew what she was thinking: she was probably going to move. But then, last July she got into a fight with her boyfriend. She ran to the Grayhound bus station at 2:30 in the morning and waited for the next bus to Austin. My brother drove her to the station but she didn't want to say goodbye to the rest of us.

It make me laugh to hear what Beads had to say about Debo. Yeah, she looks after him, and he keeps her company and is just her pal.

Well, so there... I actually had something to write about! I can still go on writing, but I'm at the univ.lib and should get some real work done...

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