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We spent the other night unwinding. John and I were in weird moods 'cause of work, and we bitched and moaned about it. We ate at our favorite place, Sweetwater Tavern and then we felt much better. Huh, we've been there 3 times in the past week because all restaurants in this municipality are terrible and it's the best place.

We then rented Secondhand Lions. To our delight, it had us laughing for the first 10 minutes. (ay, Flav... there's one for you... there really have a lion in the movie, I think you'll chuckle from they do with it).


On Friday night, I hung out with my landlord, Greaseball, and his family. I got along pretty well with the missus and I was surprised much we were able to talk. Greaseball and Patty were raised in southwest Detroit... it used to be Irish-Catholic/Hungarian/Polish and now it's 98% Mexican with the remainder being old Irish/Hungarian/Polish people who will leave "feet first" as Patty said. It was always a pretty rough area.

Anyway, Patty & Greaseball now live in a desirable area and make lots of money, but they still keep in touch with the happenings of the 'hood. No wonder all of us got along so well, we're really ghetto although we live in the 'burbs.

When I went to my car to go home, I was without driver's side mirror and had a tiny dent in the panel between my driver's side window and the windshield. I didn't see the mirror dangling or on the ground, so some punks must've walked by and amused themselves with my mirror.


Last night we went to see Mystic River, great movie but nobody wins. I felt soooooo sorry for poor Tim Robbins' character.

John's a pretty subdued kind of guy. After our trip to the North American International Auto Show, I could see he gets agitated by big crowds and noise. Me, I like the occassional stimulation but I have to be in the mood. He likes things pretty, quiet, refined, and the food to be tasty. That's cool, that describes my abode to a "t". When he comes over I always put on the best music. I'm not sure if the music I've had is really that good, or if it just sounds better with him around:

Annie Lennox, "Diva"
Van Morrison, "Moondance"
Miles Davis, "Shades of Blue"

That was the playlist from the first time he came over. He cried, "how did you know I like this music!?"

And the list goes on:

Norah Jones
Van Morrison, "Poetic Champions Compose"
Billie Holliday, "Billie's Best"
Miles Davis, "Birth of the Cool"
70s Hits CD that I bought from Dutchie's for $1.79 with "Hitchin' A Ride" on it
Louie Armstrong
Ray Charles (now playing)

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