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Work is a bitch

Work. Well, well. To accentuate my work schedule, I have added 10 hours to my time spent at the univ.library. The money will do me good, that is, if I am disciplined with it or little things don't pop up (like, brake job, insurance payments, etc...).


I dressed up today 'cause it's gonna be a 12-hour day. I might as well look nice while I'm put through the frickin' meat grinder at the pub.lib.

I have a strange feeling I'm not going to last long at the pub.lib. I'm not sure if they will lay me off or fire me (as they're at-will employers) or what. I don't know if I'm being neurotic or what. So, with that note, maybe the 10 hours at the univ.lib will do me good.

I fit in really, really well at first but it's hard to be cheery when I'm piled with shit to do and no time to do it. That, and whether or not the library board or the city is threatening to close the library this week. That, and whether or not my boss is gonna bark an order at me the second I'm on the clock or warmly ask how my day has been. That, and a little bit more.

My personality went from cheery to brick-like. Once again, I get to do what I call "vibe razor blades" and people avoid me or don't talk to me. I hate the way that place makes me feel. I like the work I do, I just hate the frustration that accompanies it.

Bitchin'. The pub.lib never gives anyone a steady schedule during the work week. Getting time off is worse than pulling teeth. Our newest hire just quit. She said she had a long drive to and from her suburb. Nah, I think most of it is she saw what the library was like and totally bailed.

The director, in a meeting last week with us newbies, said she doesn't give preferential treatment to the librarians; that is, the clerical staff with little or no college make slightly less in pay than people with 5 or 6 years of college but have identical benefits. Hence, this is why the clerical staff has been with the library since the dawn of time, along with the zit-faced library pages who are their grandkids or nephews or whatever. And, this is why the reference librarians quit as soon as a better job comes along or they get burned out, whichever comes first.

Hoorah, my perception was right when I thought she hated the reference staff.

"We understand that this library is just a training ground for new graduates," sez she. "Then, you guys move on, get married, have babies, you know."

My former teacher-flame said that was how one local school district kept costs down. "The principal hires new graduates who are eye candy; they get married or pregnant within 3 years, so he rarely has to give raises." Yup, and so it goes with this place.


I finally finished the grant and it was not as painful as I thought.

Dear granting agency: We have an awesome program that does the stuff you want an organization to do, and to the people you want it for. Please pick us. Please, please, please. Signed, Hitch-hike the Librarian."

Okay, I didn't write quite that. We really did have an idea for a program they like.

I was really chillin' out on the job apps. I applied all over the universe and it laughed at me. I got so pissed that TreeBuilt, a co-worker, applied for a job that she knew little about and got it! And, I applied for double the positions and had 6 interviews. Yeah, okay. This was only her second interview and she got the job!

Maybe she fit in.... maybe I've applied for jobs with tough competition... Maybe they didn't hire me 'cause I'm black (okay, Puerto Rican)... I don't know.


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