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A rare moment in my existence

For a rare moment in my existence, or so it seems at times, the universe answered my calls.

At the Public Library (aka pub.lib): I was patted on the back for a job well done or some odd task at the pub.lib. (A switch from being told I did something wrong).

I had a project where I had to request the magazines lists from area pub.libs. To my surprise, my requests were promptly answered. My request didn't end up in the circular file, ha-hah. They didn't say, "oh, that new reference librarian can just piss off, I've got enough to do."

Updating the resume: I heard of a job opening at University of Roadkill State, the bitter rival of my alma mater. I updated my resume and was amazed by all the librarian stuff I've been doing more of since I've graduated. Gees, being "substitute librarian" really gave me a lot of experience! The grantwriting, the library instruction, and the program organizing were nice things to add. I also added "supervisory skills... accommodating assistants with special needs." Yeah, I've been accomodating a blind girl and her mental health needs a little, hahah. I finished my resume feeling like I had a lot more to offer to any employer.

Resume writing made me feel empowered. Yeah, "empowered". There's a nice social science phrase.

Okay, it was like opening a can of whup-ass. Yes, I felt like I opened a can of whup-ass after my resume updated!

Fortune Smiles. It also made me feel so fortunate. Three years ago, I was accepted to the graduate program. However, I had to move from a genteel town to the big-bad Detroit area. I quit my job, uprooted, left my friends... I was eventually awarded an assistantship that paid my tuition and a little more. This lead to my current part-time job; they didn't just kick me out after I graduated, but offered a little something in this difficult job market! I'm just amazed at how well it all went.

(Disco Moment) I'm listening to "More, more, more" by Andrea True Connection. I was obsessed with that song back in my undergrad days, even before it got cool and used in commercial jingles and shit. My ex-boyfriend can attest to that.

Roadkill State: So back to Roadkill State. It's a half-time job but with benefits and better wages (the univ. doesn't offer much for this current temporary position). The day after I sent my cover letter and resume, they e-mailed me an EEOC form to fill out. I couldn't believe the fast turnaround time!

The Great Don John. So, another way the universe answered my call was in the puppy-like adoration of John. He picked me up at my univ.lib for lunch. He wanted to meet my co-workers. My Big Boss gave him a glare and a very firm handshake (thank you, Boss, please strike a little fear in him). Martha was friendly, and Souljah batted her eyelashes and commented on his soft hands when he shook them.

Puppy-like adoration. Was my tormented psyche sending out waves to him? He was so happy to see me that you'd think I was just released from captivity. I wondered if he had a bad dream about me, like maybe I died or ran away.

We had a lunch and I informed him I applied for the job at Roadkill State. He looked pained when I said it. If I ended up getting that job, I'd really wouldn't have to move far at all for it. He looked relieved when I said that, but a little scared.

I shake my head. So this was all coming from the guy who said his truth on Valentine's Day? He says one thing and then shows something different.

The other day, I was telling Souljah all about John's words and then my choice of giving only what I'm comfortable giving him from here on out. I added:

"I just couldn't believe how quickly I got attached to him. I mean, it happened and I sort of didn't see that. He treated me really, really nice, we love each other's company. I just got attached."

Souljah said, rather deadpan, "and you think you're the only one?"

I laughed, and her response made me feel better. I guess for ages women swoon over certain guys. I also guess that for ages, women fell for these types and it didn't take long for it to happen.

I didn't feel so stupid about how I felt after all.

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