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Two more job openings sprouted. One is at Our Lady of the Ravine of Virgins, where I used to work. I liked the job well enough, though my supervisor Constance was a constant pain the friggin' ass! I wouldn't be working under her but in a whole different area. The problem, however, is that since it's a private Catholic college, equalling low pay and paying for a chunk of benefits. OH. But, it's nice to know something opened up!

Another job opened up not too far from here and it sounds top notch. I've worked with the Dean of that place on some projects. Agh, she, too was a bit of a pain, she was SOOO neurotic! (So is that what happens to librarians when they become supervisors or administrators? Uh-oh for myself when I get older). However, we worked well together.


We are experiencing a thaw in the weather. All the snow piled on us is melting away. The days are getting a little longer and I hear more birdies chirping away (are the robins back?). John & I took a walk last night and it actually wasn't below zero. It was a relief to us both.


Other than the thaw, Detroit had a wave of shootings. Just this week alone, 4 people have been gunned down! Two cops were gunned down in southwest Detroit on a routine traffic stop. One of the cop's dad was super-pissed and was demanding the State brings back the death penalty. It was awful what happened to those cops, but I hope it never comes to that. Then, a guy was gunned down in a parking lot half a mile away from my place! The news has just been blaring with clips on the crime wave (hah, the 10 seconds I bother to listen to it).

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