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Single life

You know you're single nowadays when... check the state's online offender information system for names of the guys you date. (If you're in Michigan, you will check OTIS. check your local sex offender information system to cross-check the names of guys you date. (Michigan girls go to Public Sex Offender Directory). seriously consider that 8-minute long dating thing.

...when women get together and have a few drinks, they speak more enthusiastically about the sex toys they have over the real men they've dated or slept with. will also consider that "Dinner for 8" thing, too. After all, you might meet a nice gal-pal if you don't meet a romantic interest!

Why am I writing this? Well, Souljah is on the prowl, despite her Valentine's Day reuniting with her creep- on-again- off-again- man of the past 7 years. She was talking over dating things to do around town...

Well, there's also the Yahoo Personals. Souljah freaked out when she saw a description of a white guy who wants an African American woman with an open mind. Yeah, it probably does translate to something like "Sista who wants to get superfreak with me."

For more interesting things, there's also Wild Times. Carolina Chrissi and I used to laugh at some of the ads and joke, "hey, here's one for you: 'No limit talented studs want to fill all of your...hahahhaah!'"

Yah, it all makes me laugh now because I tried one or a combination of those things. My sis PC used to think I was crazy, but then she found herself some hot separated-from-hubby action from some guy she met chatting online (yeah, and also grew humiliated at it when Hubby tracked him down through her cell phone bills and affected the outcome of her separation). Souljah thought it was dumb of me to try to meet guys through those online personals (clean ones, mind you), and now she's looking and asking me, "Oh, what do you think of this one?"

Gees... Now I can laugh at the rest of my single/ separated women who used to laugh at me for my antics. I can now say, "AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, screw you!! See how much better you'd do now!"

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