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Let bygones be bygones

I had been migrating stuff from my former diaryland diary into this one. The reason I changed screen names was because this woman with a very bad spirit (yes, VERY bad) was reading my stuff and I did not want her to read any more. The reason I've been migrating my old stuff was that I missed having it closer to me.

Well, I was getting tired of migrating it. I decided to stop and to delete those pages. Migration is very time-consuming. Also, I was reading some of the stuff I wrote. Alot of the people I wrote about in that diary are no longer in my life. Alot of the situations have phased out. I realized that I am in different places in so many ways.

I was reading about Cates, a guy I dated approximately 1 year ago. There was Ol' Blue Eyes, a cohort in my program who I had the hots for. And, I wrote about other things that are no longer in my picture.

Lately, I've been thinking about where I am in my personal life. I really feel like I am back to where I was in May of last year, when I had no one in my life and I had just finished the requirements of my graduate program. The world was open, so where do I want to go?

(What about John? Well, what about John? From what he told me of what he wanted and as far as I'm concerned, he's a guy I'm dating. If anything grows from this, I will be very surprised. I'm not putting any money on it that it actually does).

When I put this all together, what is a girl to do? Let bygones be bygones. All that happened in the past, and I am more than willing to let it stay there. There are some things I just don't care to go back over because I can't see it doing any good for me. Sure, I will take what I can from it and learn. Hopefully all that had happened made me grow wiser and not bitter. I am now on to newer things in my life. It has taken me the task of migration for me to see it.

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