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100 Facts for 100th Entry


1. I am a Virgo, born in the early-ish 1970s.
2. Brunette.
3. I'm taller than the average female.
4. I call the United States of America my home and country of birth.
5. Most people assume I have Middle Eastern or Mediterranean origins.
6. I have Latino heritage.
7. Most people often think I changed my name, but it's my real one.
8. I'm kind of curvy, too; it's been described as "statuesque."


9. I graduated from high school, and eventually from college, and then grad school
10. I couldn't think of anything better to do with my life
11. I've never been married
12. Don't have kids but would like to have 1 someday if were to happen, it would most likely either belong to my partner or it would be an adoption...
13. I'd like the kid to go with a husband
14. I live alone.
15. I live in the sunny south
16. I grew up in the midwest then moved for a job.
17. I lived in a few different places thanks to work.
18. But, all the places where I've lived have pieces of my heart.
19. My car is a hybrid.
20. "Oh what a feeling! Toyota!" It's true, man. It's true!

21. I pay my bills and get some professional satisfaction by working as a educator.
22. I'm rather low-key, but am on a never-ending quest for self improvement and learning.
23. I'm probably too much in my head.
24. My belly button is pierced.
25. Until I stopped scuba diving, I logged 55 scuba dives, from inland Florida to Republica Dominicana
26. I want to learn all the Latin dances and to really groove with it!
27. I've enjoyed the single life probably to the fullest
28. I've dated semi-actively
29. I've had a few serious boyfriends but didn't think things would survive marriage.

30. Travels: The Netherlands, England, Germany, France, Canada, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Grand Caymans
31. Where do I want to go? Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, India, Australia
32. I always wanted to take part in a Spanish language immersion program and finally did! I want to go back, too!
33. In the US I've spent time in: Michigan, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky
34. In the US I want to go to: Glacier Ntl Park, Loss Vegas, California, New York City (been to these places after writing this), Vermont, Washington DC, Colorado, Hawaii
35. I love to travel!


36. I was raised with Mom, who had 6 kids, and her extended family.
37. My siblings and I have the same mom, but they have the same dad (I'm the one with a different one).
38. The Cast (in birth order): Yours Truly, sis Big Momma, sis Lana the Wild Child, bro Debo, sis Beads, and sis Rosepetal.
39. If people played us in a movie, they would be:

40. I also have a cast of additional half-siblings because as the song goes, Pappa was a Rolling Stone.
41. My mom is a happy and (overly) trusting Mexican American.
42. My father was also Latino and looked liked Carlos Santana. For real, you'd be amazed.
43. He wasn't in my life; but for some reason I always knew what he was doing and where he was.
44. However, I managed to be a part of his life in the very last week he was alive
45. He died in his 30s of an illness that had nothing to do with lifestyle, gender, or race
46. Nothing great was really said between us because he was semi-conscious, but I managed to whisper that I loved him the very last time I had seen him alive.

47. My lineage also extends to Indians who lived in Texas before the White man settled it.
48. A thesis was written about it, substantiating years of family folklore.
49. With that, I do have a truly American heritage in the cool way :)
50. I loved reading about the societies established by the Spanish, Mexicans and Indians in America... It gives me a deeper identity of where I came from
51. Half my family is in the midwest, and the other half is in Texas.
52. My father's family is half in the midwest, half in Florida, and a sliver in Puerto Rico.
53. Things are a bit distance between my family and I.
54. There's distances in miles and differences in lifestyle.
55. However, I've made my own chosen family over the years, and they've made all the difference.


56. I have very few friends but they are very close.
57. It was difficult to make friends when I moved to new cities
58. I've always I used to carried carry a complex of being "too different" and thought people thought I was too weird
59. I may be friendly at first, but it's a first-glace, more superficial friendly
60. I admit that I'm reserved
61. Once people get to know me, many of them really start to love me
62. But by the time that happens, I'm off to another job, city, or place
63. I don't like it to be that way, but I move out of necessity
64. I wish I could be appreciated by people when I'm around them, rather see what they think and feel about me just before I leave or when I'm gone
65. That's why I feel felt like such a gypsy
66. My sis Big Momma keeps in touch with a lot of her childhood friends, but for a long time, that's it was a foreign concept to me
67. Thanks to a social networking page, I reconnected with a of childhood friends in 2010 because they found me!


68. On the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, I'm an ENTJ (Extravert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging), but I'm actually an ambivert.
69. I am warm but with some reservation when I meet people for the first time


70. I write on Diaryland for something to do while I'm bored at work
71. I also am curious about people's lives, feelings, and events elsewhere
72. It's more interesting than the news
73. I also write because it is an exercise in opening myself up to others
74. I guess I'm a wannabe novelist (aren't we all???)
75. And, I'm curious about what interactions that may result from this whole thing
76. I honestly think the writers of my favorite diaries are cool people, people I'd probably like in real life, or at least I'd like the part they show in their diaries.
77. I sense that a lot of what people write in here are things they don't readily tell others face-to-face, so I dig the self-honesty that comes out.


78. I have a beloved mini-wiener dog named Marley who was born in May 2009.
79. I have a charming and peculiar way with the opposite sex.
80. What I like in men: tall, slender, foreign accents, eyes, intelligence, their vibe, their heart
81. What guys have said they like about me: my smile, lips, eyes, hair, laugh, attentiveness towards them
82. Love at first sight is possible, but it's infatuation 99% of the time
83. I've had sex without (mutual) love at times (not my preference)
84. God knows I've gotten burned and burned others (usually unintentionally)
85. I've learned not to be so hard on myself when that happens
86. Middle age slowed me down a bit, but I actually don't mind
87. At least I can say I enjoyed the rides I've seen before.
88. No one gets to this age unscathed, so I just live with the good and the bad, and try to who equanimity toward it.


89. I was raised Roman Catholic and it was a good experience
90. Yet I find myself thinking of Jesus less and less, and God feels more like the universal life energy than the Christian description
91. I believe we have a soul and the body is its encasement, but I'm not sure if we get just one chance to live or if we go to a Grand Central Station of souls and wait for our next incarnation
92. I used to not like going to church away from my hometown and felt bad in churches away from there
93. It was because I liked going to the church with my family, and that was one thing I liked doing with them!
94. I'm not sure if I believe in predestination, but feel the limited choices we are given make all the difference
95. I feel like the best-laid plans can go awry while great things happen thanks to serendipity
96. For comfort, I've tried to apply 12-step programs
97. I get more comfort from the fellowship of people more than the philosophy, though the philosophy is sort of what binds them together in the first place
98. I'd like to think I allow people to believe what they want, but I get angry whenever they try to force me to change to theirs or discount my beliefs
99. Like my own life, this is another area of constant wondering, wandering, and exploring.
100. That's it so far!

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