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Take me away?

I was in a two-bedroom, roomy apartment in the usual kind of apartment complex built in the 90s. My furniture was in it, I had one bedroom, a spare room for my computer and desk, and it was clean (as my place normally is). I had a pantry where I kept my small washer & dryer and gardening tools. My Uncle Joe was there, and so was my mom. I was quietly cleaning up the place and cleaning up after my little Yorkie Terrier(!?). I walked outside of my first-floor unit and could see a panoramic view of downtown Austin. Austin? Yes, Austin.

I looked around the complex. It was in a hilly area and situated on top of a hill. It was clean, and there were no gates or iron fences surrounding the place. No trash, no graffiti. The cars were clean, well-maintained and not beat-up. The people running around were diverse: I had seen whites, black, and some Latinos. I sighed with relief. At least I managed to land in a good neighborhood. I had seen a few young people running around, and they smiled at me as when they had seen me. Wow, it was a friendly neighborhood, too.

I couldn't figure out what the hell I was doing or my belongings were doing in Austin. Did I move there? Did I get sick of the Detroit area and Michigan? Did I leave there to start over? Why did I go there? Did I find a job? I've always been insistent on not living too close to my troubled family. I looked over at my car, and it still had my blue Michigan license plates.

"Hey, G, wanna hang out?" A group of guys lived next door to me. I hopped in their car and we went cruising around town.

We passed by the hotel where my uncle works, and I pointed it out to the guys. We then went to Town Lake, and then to Zilker Park to swim, and had a nice time. I was surprised, I didn't even know the guys and they were really nice.

I went to the store with my mom and we bought a few things. She was ready to go back home, so I dropped her off and allowed her to do her thing. Some Spanish guy, her companion, was waiting for her.

I came back home and it was dusk. I walked outside my back patio door (weird, I don't like having apartment units on the ground or first floor - it's for privacy and to prevent B+Es). There was a large pool area with all kinds of people, even little kids, running around. Everyone really looked like they were having a good time. Although it was autumn and dusk, the sunlight was brighter than it was on the brightest Michigan winter day.

I went back inside. The 4 guys next door waved at me through my living room wall. What the hell? I guess the two units were a portable "one" unit, where the french doors could fold and make our living rooms one big room. I waved at them, then closed and locked the door. I immediately thought of how I can secure the doors so they wouldn't open, and all the furniture and screens I can put over it to block noise and other intrusions. The guys were cool and all, I just wanted my privacy.

I still couldn't figure out what I was doing there, but it really didn't seem so bad. My house was cozy, I had my privacy, I had some family, and there were plenty of people who seemed to be doing fine. I had my own space, but I didn't feel alone.

This was the strangest dream I had in such a long time.

The big question I had was what made me want to take this chance?

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