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How was that vacation?

It's early in the morning. I'm a retard, I thought I had to go into the pub.library at 8:15. No, try 12:15, so I decided to do "beauty time" with my spare hours. I've got to wax parts of my face (hair grows thick and dark and I look like a werewolf, true story). I bought a streaking kit and the noxious stuff is in my dark hair. I look like Beetlejuice with those strands of hair poking up.

Anyhoo, I got back from my vacation about 14 days ago and I completely hit the ground running. No, it was more like I was pushed out of a speeding car as my delivery home from my vacation. Oooh, ahhh..

Why they call it the Sunshine State.And how was my vacation? What can I say, I had a nice time! The weather was very nice in Florida, they don't call it the Sunshine State for nothing! Although there were puffy clouds in the sky, you'd swear the sunlight bends around them! My mood and feelings about everything lifted considerably!

John & I stayed in a place called New Port Richie, where his parents have a condo, but don't be impressed. It's just a suburb of Tampa. It was about 20 miles from Clearwater and 20 miles from where my friend Barb now stays.

The real story of nudism. John brought a lot of his work with him, so I ended up having the day to myself for the first 3 days. On day 1, I went to Paradise Lakes Resort. It's one of the premier nudist resorts in the U.S. I just sunbathed and had a drink. Their pool area is really expansive, winding in a serpentine shape. There's a separate "conversation pool", a big whirl pool. A pool is available for people who want to play water volleyball. I like playing that, but the players were pretty hardcore. I came to relax and not get the hard volleyball pawed into my face! I got a pretty nice tan and relaxed.

There was a couple downsides and my views on nudism really changed on that day alone. They claim that nudists are one big happy family, it's not about sex, and that women are perfectly safe going to the clubs and that they won't get hit on as much as in a bar, but that's pure bullshit. It can get a bit more agressive than in a bar because the men get to see the goods if you know what I mean. I was talking to a guy in the pool but I walked away from him because he was insisting I go to his studio and I told him "no" three times. A couple was talking to me and they told me they had a room in the resort's hotel and "why don't you come on up?" Aw, shit. Swingers. Yeah, people may be friendly at the nudism clubs but it's because they'd like to eventually have sex with you.

Well, I've been to many clubs and not all are like that; maybe it's a southern thing because all the clubs I was in south of the Mason-Dixie line were like that. In the north, there are swingers and pick-ups but they seem to be able to sense each other, sort of like how gay men can tell when another man is gay. I'll still go, but just to go with my man in tow or go where I know the atmosphere isn't so sleazy.

Over the Gulf. I went parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico. Weird, I was about 600 feet in the air, with only a parachute on my back and a little motor boat below pulling me over. The ocean looked like it was only 10 feet below me. I was only able to see how far away I was by peering down at the itty-bitty boat that I could easily cover with my thumb from my view. Oooh, and there was waves of currents, sort of like in an airplane and I felt a little dizzy. John was enjoying the boat ride, I didn't know he loves boats of all kinds. We coasted through the intercoastal and then we were over the ocean. I never been in the ocean in a boat! Aaaahh...

Barb and her Greek hottie. My friend Barbara moved down to Tampa, Florida to be with her former hubby of 30+ years ago, Plato. I spent one day with her at their house. Her life really changed since she got her divorce last year. She was married to this iceberg and then she got in touch with Plato, and he's the opposite. Okay, the hottie is 61 years old, but he was so cool it made him a hottie. He is a professor, but he wasn't uppity. He read and watched all kinds of stuff, not just the academe hoity-toity. The next day, they joined John and I at Caliedice Island, off the coast of Tampa. We had to take a ferry from there from a place called Honeymoon Island. The beach was beautiful and rather secluded. We all had a great time! Barb and I caught up, and Plato and John were able to talk about politics and the news. We had umbrellas with us, hell yeah! The sun can be touch, am I right? Plato and I have more pigment but Barb and Irish John would roast if we didn't have protection!

Dilly-Dali. Check the Dali Museum. Although there are about 3 museums dedicated to Salvadore Dali, we were still able to see a couple of his masterpieces and learn about his life.

So, those were the highlights of the vacation. I didn't do anything like Disney or Sea World because we just didn't feel like it. I guess we kept the vacation rather simple and relaxed. I was immediately in the swim with my hairstyle and clothing because of the heat and all, but John was a dork and had slacks. We went shopping, and I didn't know he liked shopping, either. He enjoyed looking at all the colors, fabrics, and styles. He blew a pretty penny on some summer clothes, but he really looked like he was having fun with it!

So, the vacation certainly gave me what I wanted: a change of scenery and weather. Oooh, is Florida enticing! I told John that he sell his business and we could move down to Port Richie, and just get admitted to the Florida Bar. Hahahah, he didn't respond but he had a look of thought.

Now that life's slowed down a tad, I can think about how the heck the vacation went!

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