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For Flav:

Rockabilly girls are HOT.

Goth girls are HOT

OK so most girls are HOT. I like women, sue me.

--Woo-hoo!!! And women do like you too!!! I can attest!!

(That was me that signed).


Does anyone know any good general interest magazines in the languages of Chinese, Arabic, Gujrati, and Marathi? Please let me know. I have to pick out some Chinese, East Indian, and Arabic magazine titles for the pub. library. I already have a title picked out for Urdu.


Aww, why did my braces stop working??? Help!!!! My teeth haven't moved at all for the past couple of months! I still have monstrosities of gaps in my lower jaw where 2 bicuspids used to be! Will the rest of my huge teeth EVER move?

**Waaah** I know I should be glad I can finally (sort of) afford braces, but it is so awkward to smile! I just got back my vacation pics and library honor society induction pics and I don't smile, I grimace! It's like I have to make extra effort to curl my lips over that metal and keep them locked in place and smile!

All four of my bicuspids are kept in an envelope with gauge. Hahahah, wouldn't they make the best goth necklace?

I used to have the four wisdom teeth they extracted. They were cream colored, about 3/4 of an inch long, and looked like tiny daggers with those long roots! I tossed those. They gave me the creeps.


They just canned our great library director over the weekend. Wow, the library board really did her dirty.

The weird thing was that on Friday night, when I had no idea of what transpired, I was feeling bummed about my two jobs. I felt bad about Ms. Nightengale knowing I wanted to jet. She wants me to change my schedule so I'm back to my unpredictable days and nights. So I can go back to neglecting my personal life and health and get fat like the rest of this staff. I was even crying over it to John.

"Oh, gaaaawd, my career is driving my nuts! I never, ever thought I'd feel broken hearted over it!"

I read my cards a couple weeks ago and I drew the 3 of Swords (3 swords in a heart) as the outcome. That was probably what that meant.


Here are the results of last week's highlight process. Ninety-four percent of my hair remains to be its raven black (or "old lady bottle-dyed black", depends on how you look at it). The remainder, in the region of Top of my head are golden. It looks like I'm growing an orange hibiscus blossom out of the very top of my head. I also thought of Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Surfer? Yeah! This is a very summery hairdo!!


It's break time. I've got to go....

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