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Going AWOL, baby

Man, were we getting SPANKED at the public library. You'd think we wouldn't be. After all, people should be spending their summertime drinking beer, doing lawnwork, and committing larcenies.

Nope. Instead, they are participating in our summer reading program, stealing our books on Wicca, and are tinkering on our PCs.

They also want to know who authored "Monday's child".


Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow... In approximately 24 hours from now, I should be boarding a plane at the Metro Dee-troit airport and flying to my fate, an interview in sunny Florida.

Hahah, just when I thought the path was greased for me to relocate to Florida due to awesome career, it occured to me that there might be a serious competition.

For the interview, I will be giving a lecture on the uses of the US Census Bureau's web page and all the goodies that can be found through that (ooh, yeah, great stuff, *yawn*!). In addition, I decided to cover the wild Jeff Spicoli highlights in my black hair. I bought some Loving Care, and it covered the highlights to a dark cinammon color. Much more presentable, yes, and it will wash out in about a week so I'll be back to my streaks.

Maybe they interviewed someone already who was absolutely awesome, and that was why I got this gradual feeling in my bones over the weekend. Or maybe I got this feeling because I'm starting to like the idea of Florida.


I tried to get in contact with Uncle Jumpranger and so far, to no avail. All I get, after his new wife left me a message giving me his cell phone number, has been voice mail.

I will try again one more time tomorrow, and then I'll just say "forget it."

Yeah, Tuff, I agree; she said she was more likely to see the backs of her family members in times of need. Mine's that way too. I guess I just try to keep in touch in vain, perhaps fruitless attempt, to feel like I still am a member of that family.

In my heart, I am (hahah). In my soul, I am (surely). As long as I know myself and what I'm really made of, nobody can take that away from me, even the dim notion that I am a distant/ charter/ satellite/ trial member of my father's family.


With a funny little spin, I will be going AWOL after the big interview. I will be spending Canada Day/ U.S. Independence Day getting jiggy with it with Max and some aquaintances in Canada. I will finally get a chance to use my newly acquired camping gear! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!

Max and I talked about John, and Max said he'd be cool with meeting him. I just told Max to not mencion details of our past. John doesn't deserve that kind of torture.

John was invited to hang out for the weekend, but he declines because of family matters and work. His sister is visiting from Ireland and he wants to spend time with her. The family also has to attend a funeral at the end of the week.

So, I will have a little fun time to myself. Weird. I cherish my free time like making love, paid bills, and peace of mind. REALLY! I would take free time over a check for $1000 if it meant I had to work more-more-more hours. HELLLLLL NO! This is the big difference between John and I. I'm am SO bailing to Canada after my interview!

The lovely thing is that he perfectly understands.

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