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I got a glossy catalog from the makers of Sell Computers. The laptop of my heart's desire was there and at the right price. I marked what I wanted and was going to discuss this with my Johnny, since he knows alot about that stuff. He was meeting me for dinner, but he had to eventually get back to work.

J: $799 for a laptop? (*Growls*) I got my Toshiba for less than that at Best Buy and mine rocks!

Me: You got yours for less? I don't think so!

J: Wanna go to to Best Buy and look around?

Me: You've gotta go back to work. We can do it later.

J: No, no. Let's do it now.

John was eager for distraction, so we went to the local Best Buy where I confidently debunked his claim. He wasn't content at that and insisted we go to CompUSA to prove himself. As it turned out, CompUSA had identical products at identical prices.

J: Let's go to the one on Telegraph Road (*still eager for distraction*). That's where I got mine.

Me: Well, I think you just had a great deal.

J: (*Ponders*) I think you're right.

On our way out, I was browsing the cell phones. I still don't have one and have been wanting one with a very basic plan (if there's a such thing). It would be good because I'm on the road an awful lot. The need was confirmed on Sunday, on my way home from my weekend in Canada. I wanted to call John on the way in to let him know when I'd be home. As it turned out, he needed to talk to me right at that moment. I was greeted at home with this on my answering machine:

"(*Whiny male voice*) I-I locked myself out of my car! (*Huffs*) I was doing some work on the property on Crackseller's Row and when I locked myself out! (*Whines some more*) I don't know if any tow trucks are available on Fourth of July, my cell phone charge is low because the charger's in the car. Please call me when you get chance."

On our way out, I was intercepted by the digital cameras. Wow, those were cool. John really got a kick out of those and we were taking pictures of each other. I got clever and learned how to print a picture from the photo mount.

I still don't know if I should buy the computer, but I do know mine is very slow and it's getting old. But, at least we had a little fun with it all!


The brilliant staff of the university library is overjoyed by the installation of an ice cream vending machine. Now we don't have to walk outside to the student union for any. Martha, Souljah, CeeCee and I enjoyed ice cream bars of various assorts. Big Boss snickered at our reports (oh, yes, they have Snicker bar ice cream). I bowed to the peer pressure and bought an Oreo. Lovely ice cream, wonderful ice cream! Women savor ice cream like men savor porn.


I rented out Holes, a family movie about a poor sucker of a kid who finds himself in a bootcamp. We rented the book on tape for the drive back from Florida. While it was serious at times, it was also cracking us up!! Highly recommended.

The Pontiac Silverdome has a drive-inn movie set up in its parking lot, so I was thinking about dragging John there tonight for some movie fun. I was also intrigued by Napolean Dynamite which is playing in that neck of my woods. Can't decide, can't decide... It would be perfect for John, who described himself in high school as a loner-burnout-drinking Bud from a cooler in his Chevy (yeah, I sometimes ate lunch or hanged out with them).

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