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Bad Librarian (Part II)

The fun didn't stop there. Lady Jane's been out alot this week, so I had be stand-in as supervisor. I had to straighten out some minor scheduling problem with the library assistants. One of the assistants e-mailed her saying she didn't like how I handled the problem and she never knew how to read me or anything I said, but oh- she'd never disrespect my authority or how I do my job.

I read the e-mail 'cause I routinely weed Jane's e-mail and forward important info. to other parties if she's not around. I thought the assistant's e-mail was on some occurrence I needed to know about, like a problem patron or new policy, so I opened it but didn't read past the third paragraph.

I didn't say anything to the assistant and just went about my business. I panicked at first 'cause Lady Jane can't wait to see me gone and could use the assistant's e-mail for reason. But as the day went on, I recalled that assistant and I had been at odds over stupid minor things in the past. I thought those things had blown over and never guessed she'd hold onto things for so long.

As for "not reading me," what the fuck? Do I need to explain the tone of my voice, expressions, every little thing about myself?

"I'm giving you this information, but I looked away from you for a moment to think about what else I should say, my eyes may not be as expressive because I'm sleepy, and the tone of my voice may be a little flat because I'm having my period and everything's feeling sensitive." Fuck that! She just needs to listen to whatever the hell I'm saying and take it from there!

The other thing that made me feel better that day was when the whole office got to watch her open mouth + insert foot. A group of librarians were talking about a person who was applying for a job and said it would be an ill fit. The assistant, who loves to spout off how she knows this politican, dean, or miscellaneous mover or shaker, said the person's colleagues and some college dean recommended her for the position. The librarians continued talking, but assistant rattled on and on. I thought that was pretty sassy of her.

One librarian finally piped, "how do you know the person applying for the position?"

"I met her at a conference last winter, and her colleagues say she's good, she's great."

"Alright," added the librarian, "She is my friend. We have been friends since 1974. 1974 (pauses to let that sink in). We are talking about this on a professional level and this is based on knowing how she works and where she is in her career, otherwise we are friends."

That shutted her up. It was a relief to see the assistant's perceptions aren't always on the money, and that perhaps her perception of my supervisor skills are just as far-off. It also relieved me that this was seen in wider audience.


The folks in Florida still haven't called me. I think the chances are higher I didn't get the job because they didn't call when they said they would. Every job offer I've received was by telephone within the time they told me they'd call, while every rejection was by letter after that time span.

I really was starting to want that job and liked the idea of moving. It finally ocurred to me that it won't be the last library job ever and that other chances may come. It just reminds me more of what a struggle it's been to find good work in a library. I could soldier on, or I can make the equally valid choice of doing something different.

Well, out of curiosity, I could check the next issue of their online newsletter and see who got it. I'll completely scream and maybe break a minor piece of glassware if they ended up hiring their technician who just got her MLIS (I need a new set of drinking glasses anyhow - they break alot from handwashing/sink accidents). It would be the third interview in a row where an in-house candidate was already chosen. After the scream, then I will stop, try to forget about it, and move on.

I need to start a new webring or movement. In the spirit of NWA (Eazy-E and his group that catapulted rap to a wider audience; not to be mistaken for NorthWorst Airlines), I should start LWA, Librarians with Attitude. I could make t-shirts, mugs, bookbags, mouse pads, and squeeze balls, and we can have meetings American Library Association conferences. There's Anarchist Librarian, Renegade Librarian, Lipstick Librarian, Naked Librarian (furreal man, do a Google search), why not LWA!??

(**Brainstorming**) People who are not librarians can join. The requirement is to love books, reading, writing, and libraries, and to have some assertiveness and a sense of humor. Folks with backgrounds in martial arts, military service, teaching, combat, waitressing, and any other service position are welcomed (librarians come from ALL backgrounds, thank you). The reason is that librarians are usually such a sweet group. Ha-haha!! We need another facet to this profession!

I think these two experiences can be the founding moment... I'll think it over and keep ya'll posted. Nobody steal this idea now, unless you send me an invite...

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