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Time for something new

I finally got in touch with the Florida folks this morning about the job I interviewed for in late June.

Result: I won't be applying for a Florida's driver's license anytime soon.

I will not bother, I promise, promise, promise to myself that I will not bother to see who ended up getting the job. I would only be severly upset if their technician with the MLIS ended up getting it. There is no point in wallowing in that. I only need to keep trying.

And to quote the words of Michel, "If you don't get the job, don't feel sad. Think only about how you are judged by God and not by people, for only God's judgment is what matters."


I applied for a job in Austin. Hahahaha, right when my mom said she's moving away from there.

Well, one other thing I got from my trip to Florida was how narrow my vision was for myself.

Yeah, I like to think that I know my limits and capabilities. I'd also like to think I know that I face some bias (I'm not simply talking ethnic... it goes much further than that... some people don't like a person for the way they look, their personality, etc...). I'd like to think I am aware of these limits and can work within them.

However, it ocurred to me on my little trip: "How much do you needlessly limit yourself? Do you really think that things can't get better?"

"The world is really a big place. Certainly there has to be room for someone like you to grow, and certainly if you let it."

I was talking with John about his own life plans. He really feels trapped in what he does, and it makes me feel sad. Part of it is that it seems so limited, almost like there is no hope. The other part is, he is older than me and age discrimination does exist, yet at the same time I had some peers in library school his age who managed to find work.

All I know is that I'm too young to feel as trapped as he feels. I've barely begun. I really don't want to think life has slammed all doors of opportunity for me as John feels it has for him.

I applied for a job as an editor for a in a publications division for a professional organization (I think it was a state-wide organization of gypsum miners, hahahah). I can follow the current axiom that few people work in the subject of their degree in the first place.

Picture it: "Hitch-hike, Editor, Newsletter for the Michigan Society of Gypsum Miners" (LOL).

That's cool-by-me, if it pays alright and the peeps are tolerable.

Whatever the case may be, I was invited to attend some self-development seminar a couple weekends from now. I think I surely can use it right about now. I think I've tried every mechanism I can... Think it might be time for something new.

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