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Once upon a time, I gave away my beat-up Chevy. I was broke, it was my third year of going to college part-time, so I decided to go without a car to help with expenses and to get my ass through college quicker (I ended up being without car for almost 2 years).

Now, a few years later, I'll be passing on my beat-up computer. Okay, it's not that bad. The system's a bit old and slow, so I got a laptop. I also wanted to free up some space on my poor little desk, so here I go! I bought a new laptop.

John chimed, "I'd keep it if I were you. If your new one dies, you can fall back on the old one."

I'm not taking his advice. John's house is a mass grave of computers and various technology. I'd probably find an old Apple that requires a boot disk to start, or a Commodore in there somewhere. He keeps the machines with the thought of doing something to them later. My honey likes to think of himself as an inventor.

I was spending some time getting my computer prepped for Souljah. She will take my slow thing for the price of $50. There I was, deleting files and saving stuff on disk. I tried to remove all rememberances of me on this machine. Souljah wants something basic for her kid, so my old hard drive would be just right.

I was deleting my temporary internet files. I'm sure Souljah wouldn't appreciate her daughter getting a glimpse of some of my browsing habits. Souljah already knows I've experimented with online dating, there were cookies from that. There were also cookies from Private. The last thing I need is Souljah being super-pissed at me that a threesome pic bounced on the screen while her daughter browsed the Barbie homepage!

I think it's also out of consideration. It's not that I was some major porn-hound (my computer's too slow, ah-hahaha), I should make sure the machine is ready for a kid!

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