Cafe Hitch-hike


I think I just got interviewed

Me: Yes, my name is Hitch-hike and I'd like to talk to Beebs of the Michigan Gypsum Miners Association. I received a message from her.

B: This is Beeps. Hitch-hike, hitch-hike, ah yes. Here is your resume. Are you working?

Me: Do you mean am I at work now or do I have a job?

B: Yes, are you currently employed?

Me: Yes, I have two half time jobs...

B: Alright. What are your salary requirements?

Me: **(a figure of what I'd receive on my first year as a librarian)**

B: Okay, why did you apply for this position?

Me: I wanted to do more with my writing skills.

B: I see. When can you come in?

Me: For an interview? This week is booked (true), but I'm available next week.

B: I notice you have a Masters in library science. Why are you applying for this job?

Me: Could you repeat that?

B: Why are you applying for this job?

Me: (pause) I wanted to have a job where I could do something more with my writing. I've already been working in a publication for the past couple of years (true). I'd also like a position with a chance of promotion.

B: Any other reason? I see that you have two part-time jobs.

Me: (*sweats*) Yes, I have two part-time jobs. The job market is not good for library jobs. I decided to apply for work outside of the field because many candidates are applying for the few jobs that are available. I thought it would be a good idea to expand my options.

B: We are located at 6 Mile and McNamara. Is this location good for you?

Me: Yes, this is a reasonable commute.

B: Very well. What I'm going to do is forward your resume to the people in the publications department, and they will let me know if they want me to call you back for an interview.

Me: Thank you, Beebs.

B: Thanks. Goodbye.

Me: (**I think I just got interviewed.**)

Me: (**Damn, I hope it went well!**)

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