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Scheduling Hell

I received my fall schedule for the university library from Lady Jane. Sigh, she seems actually happy to have me around.

Like, what on earth has Big Boss been telling her? Big Boss and I get very well, and we work well together. I already know he's been my cheerleader. Lady couldn't wait to get me out the door these past few months (say, 7 or so). One moment I was thinking she was about to field-goal my ass out of here, and now she was so happy to have me around that she even patted my shoulder. Oh.

If it weren't for Big Boss, my ass wouldda been field-goaled out of here!

I then e-mailed my schedule to the public library and then my heart just dropped. Dammit, when I began with them I had the schedule from Hades! (Gee, it was never mencioned during the interview, those bastards pulled a number!) They have a "rotating" schedule. When I asked why we had such an insane schedule, they said it was so nobody would get stuck working all the weekends or nights. Oh, what they really meant was that everybody gets stuck working weekends, nights, and god-knows-what instead.

Lala, the Ph.D in psychology, seethes as much as I do when I tell her this. She says every study in the universe shows worker performance, satisfaction, and health go down- way down from irregular schedules.

We should be getting a new director soon, and I pray-pray-pray he or she changes this insane shit. I'm so sick of working rotating hours where I don't know where I'll be one moment to the fucking next! Sending the e-mail reminded me of last winter/ spring's forced neglect of health, exercise, regular meals, social life, and overall lack of energy.

Oh, GOD! Thinking about that makes me want so badly to quit, especially when Lady Jane told me it's possible they could give me more hours.

Oh god... It's depressing to think I only have 5 more weeks of a regular, relatively normal work schedule before it's back to fucking hell. I've gotta get out of there, oh god, I SO GOTTA get out of there...

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