Cafe Hitch-hike


Thank you.

How do I say this?

I've read what others had to say about depression, PTSD, anxieties, and other related problems. On a few occasions, I've had some pretty good (e-mail) dialogues about it, And I thank those who replied (if you're reading this... if not, then you're in my thoughts).

I hardly talk about my inner problems to anyone, let alone my boyfriend (it never did me any good when I first started dating as a teen). I've gotten a lot of weird responses when I tried talking it over with friends, so I just learned to keep it to myself and to health care professionals when necessary.

I don't consider it a secret. I just think of it as a useless fact for anyone who knows me. If not useless, then people can be so stupid: "man, she's got issues."

So, I guess I could say it simply as I could:

Thank you, all, to writing me back when I had questions, and thank you for listening when I had something to say. Thank you for your honesty in your writing, for it sheds so much light on my own matters and that I don't feel so alone.

Thank you.

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