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I am gonna do a mantra:

My big-ass teeth are gonna move into perfect alignment.

My teeth will move and close the gap formed by my missing lower left bicuspid.

My teeth will move into alignment, my teeth will move into alignment, my teeth will move into alignment...

I had a date with the orthodontist, and it's been 2 years now that I've been going. The first 3-4 months were spent prepping my teeth to get the braces, and then I finally got braces just before Christmas 2002. My plan, for the price of $2,800 (over the couse of 2 years), lasts for 2 years and gosh, my bottom teeth are still kinda messed up.

Doctor Ay (an expressive Columbian guy who looks like Hugh Grant, with the voice of Ricky Ricardo, ewww, you know I HAD to fantasize) expressed some disappointment with the stubborness of my teeth, but said, "you've kept your appointments, and you've followed all the instructions. (sighs). But don't worry, we will get everything fixed."

His office loses money if clients have to go over their time because they don't have to pay extra, but acknowledged there's still work to be done and that he's willing to do it. Therefore, I left the office with three new rubber bands at odd angles in my mouth, and ouch, that shit HURTS!


I took a careful look at my teeth after the appointment. Yes, my teeth are big, but when the braces are off, my teeth are going to look, well, exotic.

Exotic? I knew folks in the past from other countries with big, strong teeth and nice smiles. Their teeth weren't movie-star straight, but aligned nonetheless and still very nice. They were smils I don't see often in the States and if I do see it, it belongs to someone from somewhere else.

Haha, I always had the look of being from somewhere else, so I guess it's fitting I'd have a smile that reminds me of people's smiles who were from someplace else. I can't wait to get the braces off. Not because of the pain, awkwardness, and ugliness, but that my smile's gonna have more character!


It's freaky when horoscopes are correct. My horoscope said that one of my bosses was going to bail in the autumn and that I would get their job. Well, I just got word that Lady Jane is gonna retire and spend the rest of her days travelling with her hubby. I'm her assistant, wouldn't that be fitting??? Ah-hahahah! Wouldn't that be so freaking cool? I could get benefits! I can get an office! Awww, hahahahaw!! I still have to apply for the job, and God knows what the upper admin. plans to do with her vacancy. Still. Ewww. Freaky.

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