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So, on to the cooler stuff

I was really razzed by my sister's e-mail. I was talking to Lala about that and she said, "all this time has passed sinced you've talked, and all she could say in an e-mail was to write your name with a '?' in the subject line? Doesn't sound like she's extending an olive branch to you."

True, says I. I will ignore the e-mail.

Forgiveness is not a state of being that is simply decided. "Alright, I'll forgive ____ for _____," and forgiveness is a constant thereafter. It is more like a belief that must be practiced, a muscle that must be worked again and again. In other words, it is a process. I flex this muscle quite a few bit with others in my life.

I thought about forgiveness because of the bitterness I (realized that I) held for sister Princess. Being bitter is so much easier to do than forgive.

It may take some effort, but forgiving is a better energy, a cleaner form. Bitterness is an emotionally caustic poison, and I can see how easily my feelings towards Princess can corrode other parts of my psyche. No way, no how. I'm not letting this take any more out of me.

And so, onto the cooler stuff.

'TIS MY BIRTHDAY, HOOOO-HOOOO!!! Thank you all for you well-wishes! You're cool!

What are the birth dates for the rest of you?

I went to the Union Street pub on Woodward Avenue and had an intimate gathering. It was John, me, Martha the librarian, and Ted Kaszinski. Ted was really interested in meeting Sandy (the blind student assistant). Sandy wasn't able to come (her dog was ill), but I know she'll be happy to hear about Ted. Jimbo was fashionably late, as usual.

Afterwards, we went to Redford Theatre to watch West Side Story. Now Natalie was the hot one back then, but my God, Rita Moreno... She's so beautiful (I ain't sayin' it 'cause she Puerto Rican, though that might help, hahah). Even though the musical was set as what others felt was an innocent time in America, the lyrics of the music hit some pretty serious matters that most movies don't have the nerve or finesse to discuss. Wow.

The birthday band liked it. The dudes were in awe. I've never been to a movie with hints of "chick flick" where the dudes were so moved.

I have to work today and into the evening (boo), but it's been relatively stress free. For my late lunch, I went to a local Mexican restaurant where they gave me a complimentary fried ice cream for dessert, and then they made me wear a big sombrero and took my polariod picture. Hahahah!

I can be SOOOO obnoxious for my birthday. I totally blame it on two things: (1) Meijer (a Michigan/Midwest grocer) always gave free ice cream cones, silly hats, and a button badge if you went to their Purple Cow ice cream stands and told them it's your birthday. Free stuff! This is great! Ah-haha!

Oh, yeah: (2) My birthday often fell on the first day of school. You see, we moved alot, so it often meant nobody knew me, so the teacher couldn't bring snacks or take a special time out to celebrate. God knows I didn't (or couldn't) bring treats or cupcakes. As a result, I'm a complete birthday mooch and I kick and scream for attention on this one day of the year.

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