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If ever--

If I'm ever pissing & moaning about where I am in my life, I only need to remind myself of these things...

...with my modest living, I am living better than 98% of the current residents of this planet.

...with my half/ under employment, at least I have work.

...I've been able to tango the schedule of my two jobs using amazing diplomacy with my employers.

...with my earnings and work, I am doing quantum leaps better than statistics would estimate for a person of my characteristics.

...with my achievements as of now, I have truly broken the limits of having a single parent, low-income, ethnic, low-educated background.

...with the house I live in, it is in a safe and relatively family-friendly neighborhood. Anyplace ok enough for kids to run around and ride bikes in safety (with the exception of those who dart into the street) should be okay for anyone.

...with the modest abode I live in, it is uncommon for most people to have a Pulte house or castle by my age. It is more common to live in an apartment or shared housing at my age. It is also more common for people to be able to get that Pulte house or castle by age 40+, when their income is much stronger.

...if I'm pissing and moaning about my boyfriend's shortcomings, remind myself of how much we truly are alike. If anything, I could learn about myself through him.'s more common to be a geek or weirdo than to be one of the cool kids.

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