Cafe Hitch-hike


Hitch-hike's Map

Parts of my map:
(Or, at least what I'm willing to disclose on D-Land!)

  • Green eyes (whether hazel, or hints of green in brown or blue eyes!)
  • Men with little body hair (shaved or naturally - and that what's there is, uh, strategically placed)
  • Big, warm smiles; being able to easily smile
  • Intelligence and being articulate
  • Guys whose muscles are "compact", well-defined but on the slim side
  • Men who are open, experimental
  • Guys who are liberal (it just so happens to turn out that way, man)
  • Intriguing Dates

  • The playground down the hill from my old elementary school
  • A tiny restaurant right above a canal
  • The planetarium
  • A trip to Germany
  • The shoreline of Myrtle Beach
  • The shoreline of Lake Worth/Palm Beach, Florida
  • The shoreline of Lake Michigan
  • The empty room of a Resident Assistant (RA) in my dorm
  • A day trip to Niagara Falls
  • A date that lasted 24 hours
  • Nice things guys did for me

  • Walk me class-to-class
  • Buy me chocolates for Sweetest Day
  • Loaning me their walkman on a long train ride when I didn't have one
  • Falling asleep, comfortably, in each other's arms
  • Speaking words from their heart
  • Spending all their money for the week to show me a great time (I didn't demand it, they just wanted to)
  • Appearing before me in my dreams just before I'd wake
  • Phoning me the minute I arrived somewhere after a long drive, just to be sure I got there okay
  • Being the first person I'd see when I'd get off a plane or train, where they would be waiting for me
  • Telling me their secrets, but also their dreams
  • Giving me not only a clearer vision of the kind of person I want to be, but the sense that I really can be that person, and that being with them is sending me in that direction
  • Making me feel warm, hopeful, comforted, and rich inside
  • And my-oh-my, do I look forward to more!

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