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Another Friday in the Cannabis Condo. The Islanders two stories directly below me moved out, so I don't get the lovely wisps of their spleef. Right when I thought I was without prospects, the single woman next door along with the kids (people in their early or mid-20s) downstairs from her replaced the Islanders, but I'm not down- or upwind from them. Oh, well. I sometimes catch it on my way up to my unit, whether it's after coming home or taking the pup out.

Casa de Cannabis Condo is nicely decorated with even more Christmas stuff. I bought a Nativity scene from a colleague, and it was actually quite sizeable. I thought I'd be able to put it on a tray table and cover it with a table cloth, but I had to put it on the ledge between my kitchen and living room. I adorned it with sizeable red poinsettias on each side. I then got a ceramic Christmas tree with lights, and if I click the switch, it will chime Christmas music.

It reminds me of a beautiful Nativity scene that was in my Grandfather's church in the hometown. I think I was 4 years old, and I actually remembered being struck by it. I thought it was beautiful and sacred! Oh, I loved going to St. Andrew's during Christmas! I also loved the story of the Three Kings. They are an interesting part of the nativity story because of the multiple interpretations of who they were; I go with the one that identifies them as mystics from different parts of the world.

I had to do some massive cleaning. I didn't do a lot in the house these past 2 days because my energy dipped. Typical response, I suppose.

I didn't get a mass exodus of Rafa's people from my social media yet, which surprised me, and his brother and good friend actually liked a couple of my posts this week. Maybe they don't know? I'm not sure. I haven't gotten an angry, confused, weepy, or all of the above type of pingback from Rafa, or any additional distant slaps from his female relatives.

Part of the massive cleaning also included a massive clearing. I never had done such an aggressive sage smudging! I burned a whole bunch, and ended it but setting it in a bowl on my patio. I opened all of the windows and turned on all of the fans before so my smoke detector wouldn't go off. For good measure, I then got some epsom salt and put it under my bed, sofa, and dinner table to absorb the energy that wasn't absorbed.

Last year after I stopped dating the DeadHead, I did a massive clearing of my unit and I was quite surprised at what happened. It seemed powerful in that I felt a clump of energy that gradually decreased in size as the days passed. Really, the clearing didn't make it go away immediately. It seemed to gradually draw it out and I could actually feel a reaction in my body, like it was pushing out an infection. I felt that way for about a week, and then I could feel something being pulled out of me and I felt a slight physical bleh. I also, for some weird reason, got rid of a bunch of stuff I stopped using or cluttering my space. About a month later, I felt normal again. I wonder how it will feel after this clearing?

Something else kind of amusing happened. Suddenly, I got a bunch of invites to go places and do things in addition to the ones I had. When I told an old pal from Gulf Bluff I was heading their way, they just about read my mind when they suggested some things to do and places to eat (Grits YaYa, oh hell yeah!!). My sis Lana and Aunt Juana also told me they wanted a girls' night when I got to Austin. Then, my half-sis Cindy invited me to another girls' weekend in Vegas this January. Awww, damn!! I'd love to but I'm not sure how that would be financially possible without invoking a credit card, or maybe I'll magically come across a few hundred bucks. But hey, the invites made my smile. It's nice to be invited to things I like and enjoy!

I have no clue what I will do for NYE. I know I need to be here in my fishing village since I have to report to work on the 2nd. Hah, I have things to do for the rest of the month except for NYE! I don't know if Uncle Jumpranger or Cousin Gabe will be doing anything or if they will be out of town. Well, maybe Ali will be around and we can count down the new year at her place. I have some wonderful fireworks (probably illegal) I got when I passed through South Carolina a couple of weeks ago, so I definitely plan to have some fun setting shit on fire. Hey, that will be my offering for wherever I go!

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