Cafe Hitch-hike


Road trippin' it

It took a while to regain my footing. The trip, at least, has been my attempt to return back to myself in a more concentrated form. Oh, yeah... I usually get a bit fired up for road trips and usually can find something interesting. I felt a bit off kilter and considered cancelling the trip. What persuaded me was I wanted to feel more planted in my pace, my groove, my world...

In my stop to the beach at Gulf Bluff, I stayed in a motel that was a block away from the beach. I saw a surf rock band play there in 2006 and was surprised to see the place was still in business! I enjoyed the company of an old friend and then a kindly boat captain while having breakfast in the lobby. I wasn't in full form, but the company and surroundings helped me ar least get back on track.

The drive took much longer than I anticipated thanks to construction and some congestion. I staggered into Houston at my usual ungodly hour, lol! But, I felt a sense of free spontanaeity trickle back into my veins. It felt familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. I hope this feeling isn't permanent.

My Texas people have been in touch so we can arrange visits and things to do. I'm popular here, hahah! I am sipping all of this lime a fine champagne because I only get to do this and spend time with everyone once a year.

I am so glad already that I made this trip. I needed to be back in my world and with my people. God knows my soul needed this.

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