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Down the road

The gross Red Roof Inn off the interstate through Gulf Bluff is hastening my departure. I think the smell of cigarette tar in the non-smoking room is now in my hair! So, in lieu of a shower, I an grabbing a coffee and quick breakfast at the neighboring Waffle House. Ah, great times!

Puppy Dog is in good spirits. It is as if she knows we soon will be home. The road trip was tougher on her than I thought.

Once again, I am giving some friends the My Hero Award. I was glad ro see my family but seeing the pals lifted me into the stratosphere! I met up with another at a brew pub and had some good times and even a kiss (it felt much different and I gladly went for #2). My friends really made it feel special.

Like I've said before, going to Texas is like a return home, especially since (one branch of) my people, the Tex-Mex folk, have been there for hundreds of years. It's comforting to go somewhere and breathe a shared history with lots of people. Mu buddy Jimbob befriended a neighbor who was from my hometown and we talked about the people knew; the neighbor even knew my (in)famous father the semi-pro boxer and man-about-town. Talk about taking the history evem further!

The drive has been therapeutic. One friend says road trips provide a memory wipe like ECT. I do feel much better and my thoughts are more settled than they wwere in the drive in.

I thought of some plans for the new year. As they say, when you make plans, God just laughs. I like these trips because I usually do get some inspiration which do co.e to fruition.

Wow.. I've been doing Texas holiday trips since 1999/2000. Then, it was this time of the year in 2004 when I made the huge jump from the north to the Gulf coast. It was also tbis time in 2007 when I went further south and then I made my return to my fishing village in 2014.

The end of December always brings turninf points. What will I be reviewing down the road?

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