Cafe Hitch-hike


Message of love (remembrances)

I feel good around you. I like being around you.

It's easy to be around you. Things flow well.

I love our time together.

I think of you often.

You are a part of me.

You make me want to dance.

I like hearing you sing.

You are very sensuous. I always loved when we made love.

I'm very drawn to you.

It's easy for me to give you affection.

I care about you more than you think.

I never stop thinking about you.

I remember what you tell me. I often don't say anything because I don't want you to close up.

Waking up and having coffee with you is one of the best parts of my day.

Making love to you in the morning makes me relaxed for the rest of the day.

I dreamed of you one night and this song played.

I dreamed we had a child.

There's something inside of me that I see more clearly when you're around. Maybe it's always been there but needed you and your presence for me to really see it. Maybe what you brought was what it was looking for.

All I want is to have you in my life.

I sometimes don't know what these feelings mean or why.
Oh, I think I know... I think you know, but you just don't want to say it. Sometimes there is no answer to the 'why' and there doesn't have to be.

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