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Unlaid ghosts

A thing which has not been understood inevitability reappears; like an unlaid ghost, it cannot rest until the mystery has been resolved and the spell broken.
--Sigmund Freud

Wow, so even Freud wrote about things that haunt people? I ran into this quote last night after a chat with one of my more clever friends. We talked about the things that lingered in our lives, some we were able to shake off and some that seemed to take forever. I absolutely love when a conversation or the presence of someone ushers a message, sign, or signal! In this case, it was both.

I finally removed my pics of past events and people from my phone. Rafa and his people aren't contacts in my phone or my social media. I did it because I imagined that if we got back into contact, I would really have to extend myself into his world (again) for it to happen. I flinched just thinking about it and didn't want to imagine how either of us would feel having to sit at a same table.

I suppose I could had asked him about all of this, but even that felt unpleasant to think about. I took the advice of an old lawyer friend, someone who managed disputes for a living, who said sometimes there's no need to explain anything, especially if the other party doesn't express an interest to know.

I remembered about a month after Remy and I ended things for the final time, I was wondering how he was doing. I thought about calling or sending him a quick text, and then he texted me! We ended up having a nice conversation. I always liked him as a person, and it because clear we didn't want to completely ditch each other. It felt comfortable as well and I'd say we were good to each other for the rest of his life. This has happened at other occasions, and yes, I was usually able to stay friends with someone. If things ended, it was usually because things faded with time and distance.

Well, I guess that's just the way it goes. Surely, time and distance will help that one along, especially since we both live in our own separate worlds, just as we had all along.

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