Cafe Hitch-hike


Alternate universe?

I don't know if I just stepped into an alternate reality when a friend told me this:

Don't worry about what others think! You don't have to explain a thing! You know what you need to do? Just go out an enjoy it, and don't worry about a thing! Yeah, life will ding you here and there, but hey, a lot of people don't get to see what you've seen!

Really, it's all the same when you're single. It doesn't matter the age! The things you go through at age 20 are the same things you'll see 40 years later! It's the same as when you're older, it really is!

Hitch-hike, not much in your life has been normal anyway! You don't have to bend yourself or your life to be! If it suits you and you're happy, why bother? Follow your own path and let yourself have fun along the way! You judge yourself too much or too harshly when something that you do doesn't fall into what everyone considers 'normal.'

You just have to go out and there see, and the more you see, the more chances you get!

Hey, I've been alone for many periods of my life, and it was the pits. I felt lonely and depressed, and I had my ups and downs with the romances. But then, my spouse and I fell in love. I didn't have the ups (infatuation), but I never had the downs (depression). Love takes you to a medium level, but we love each other. This has been my path, I see where you are on yours, and this is my advice to you.

Wow, so you mean someone very experienced in life pretty much told me that the way I had been living my life wasn't such a bad thing at all? Haaaah!

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