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Make a wish

My ninth grade rival, Jenny Schneider, was always a pain in my ass. She seemed to outdo me in a few things I had my heart set on, including the attention of one Sergio Torrez, a senior (and captain of the school soccer team) who was my crush. Yeah, I guess I aimed high, even as a kid. I saw her enter his maroon Pontiac from the school bus. It was from a distance, but I recognized the jean jacket, her long, brown mullet hair and Native American-style boots that were so popular in the fall of 1987. I was so angry that she bested me in yet another sphere of our world at Red Hawk High. When I came home, Mom knew I was pissed and asked what was on my mind. I lost my temper and hissed, "I want Schneider gone!"

I didn't think much of it, but my wish came true about 2 weeks later. Jenny was caught by her parents screwing her boyfriend on her kitchen floor. They sent her off to the local Baptist academy and she was not allowed to hang out at all. She was gone and my wish came true. Well, so did the wish of every other girl in the neighborhood. Jenny offered things to boys that most of us did not and would not for another two years or so, and naturally, the boys were more interested in her. A girl or two really wanted to kick her ass but they never could after that.

Oh, and then I learned about Sergio's interactions with Jenny. Sergio was buddies with Jenny's boyfriend Gene. As a favor to Gene, he gave rides to Jenny to Gene's place on a couple occasions. So no, Jenny did not beat me in the boyfriend department. The guy I liked was simply helping his friend get some play.

I'd like to transfer a wish I made a few years ago at the grave site of a female spiritual leader. It come true, but not in the way I hoped it would. So with that, can I make an open-ended transfer of said wish? Is there some spiritual barrister or court I can petition for this to occur? I'd like to go through all of the right and proper channels to do this.

In addition, is there some judge I can bribe? Haaaah!

Speaking of other spiritual petitions, I did 2 novenas in my life. The things I prayed for actually did come to pass. It's like the wish I made at the grave site: they came true but not quite like expected.

Wait, I did a third one in 2016 when I had some health troubles. I was glad that much of that was solved, but I had to kick a few people out of my life for it to fully work out. Maybe those people triggered what led to the troubles? Hah.

I remember reading stories that admonished using care in what we wish for. I can wish for lots of money, but I'll get it because someone I love dies and I was written in their will. I can wish for beauty, and then I'll get stalked or harassed. I can wish for a nice house, and then I'll discover I got it because someone else lost out or something along those lines.

So yes, I'd like to transfer this wish. Maybe I need to make a visit back to the site. I heard that visits to the site are now limited to Catholics or people who are in tour groups, so I can be one or both. I can mark the mausoleum with an 'X,' leave a gift, whatever. If the spiritual leader's spirit wants so slap some sense in me like an ill-behaved teen, ok then, give it to me and I'll have been humbled. Corporal punishment was used once in a great while where I grew up.

Wish... be careful what I wish for. Maybe I just need to be very careful about the emotional and energetic space I'm in when I make a wish.

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