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Lily: Concluding yet another subplot

As Madness once sang, "I need a moment to reflect on the friendships I have wrecked." I thought of that line today as I attended Lily's goodbye gathering. To be a good sport, I spotted her with a going away card and an iTune gift card on which I penned, "To Lily and Wellington (her dog), From Me and Marley. Some tunes for the road."

Other than that, I didn't need to hug her, I didn't need to wish her well any further than that. I didn't talk to her or go near her. For someone who didn't give much to the friendship or show much regard toward me after a while, I didn't feel any need to say much of anything. The card would do. It was a decent enough send-off as opposed to-- saying something less flattering or kind.

One thing is for certain. Lily is another person that is fading out like the others I knew when I started at Xanadu Tech. The friendship is also another thing that gone through its lifecycle like so many of my projects, collaborations, and even relationships. I now can say 'good bye' and conclude yet another subplot in my life at Xanadu Tech.

At least I now know the people and things that mattered wanted to keep their place in my life after separations. Those that mattered came back around and offered me their kindness and friendship, and I was able to open myself to it again if I sensed it was a good thing.

In some ways, it's a relief. If shit is ending, then it only means something new will begin.

Have a nice life, Lily. Be kind to people, be well, and just keep in mind that people remember you for how you made them feel rather than what you did for them. Have a nice life, and hopefully you will attain the higher level of accomplishment and perhaps peace that seemed to elude you for so long.

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