Cafe Hitch-hike


Happy Birthday

I'd like to wish Prof. Felipe a happy birthday from across the miles. Instead of his memory feeling like a hot poker jabbing and twisting repeatedly into my heart, now it feels like a bee sting.

I'll take that any day, and look forward to when his memory is in the same space as those of random guys I vaguely remember. Like the time I forgot about the alcoholic artist in Gulf Bluff until my sis reminded me. Like the time I couldn't remember someone's name when his image entered my mind. Stuff like that.

I'd like to thank Felipe for pulling me away from a draining relationship, reflecting back the love and friendship that already existed in me and in my life, and for helping me absolutely, positively know for real how it looks when someone truly cares for another (since his lack allowed me to compare nothing with something).

Happy birthday, you narcissist. I pray that I steer clear of the misfortune of meeting someone like you again.

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