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Peaceful, easy feeling (for once)

I did what my doc told me to do and scheduled my follow-up mammogram with the local women's clinic. She saw something, panicked, and made me go back right away. What a beautiful mess that turned out to be. I should had made my appointment for my follow-up once they got my previous mammogram records so they could compare them. One of the radiologists said if I already had the speck, then it probably wasn't a big problem and I may not had needed the second mammogram after all. The results were said to be inconclusive, and I am to return in 6 months.

Well, I'd like to thank my doc for jumping the gun on that one. I know it's better to be safe than sorry, but there was a lot of panic over nothing and I ended up spending money on a scan I probably didn't need. That, and the women's clinic itself was a most unpleasant experience. Although it's near me, I won't go there again if I can help it.

After that great experience, I was so pissed that I decided to take the rest of the day off work. I took a nap and then got my hair and nails done. I liked the cut from the last time and asked for an inch and a half to be cut while keeping the initial style. Hah, every time I want the stylist to give me a different cut, they don't, and this time they gave me a different one when I wanted the same. After the stylist was done with me, I saw the lady who cut my hair previously come out of the break room. Damn, I wished I knew she was there so I could go to her again. I forgot her name, I just knew she was Colombian and that was it. I really liked how she did my hair.

I then splurged and got my nails done. One peculiar thing I've found is that guys like that! I don't get anything fancy and I always have my natural nails rather than acrylics, but over the years, I've noticed looks of enjoyment from guys who looked at my hands and feet after they were done This has happened at work and also at leisure. I've been wanting to get my nails done for some time, so I guess it's so I could put my best hand forward when I present next week.

I've been on a diet for 3 weeks, and I'm about 3 lbs. away from my goal which is my favorite and sensible weight. Lily and I once joked we had to lose the weight we gained from a previous relationship before we get back into another one. It wasn't necessarily what I had in mind, but I feel best at 150 lbs. It sounds heavy but I lean toward the tall and sturdy side. Also, being around Timmy's lovely physique and healthy-guy vibes motivated me.

Oh, Timmy. He's done been gone. When he does that, it's easy for me to suppose he met someone else but I don't know for sure. I'm not very happy whenever he flits off like that, but at least he leaves something good. I suppose I'm like a campsite in this regard; as long he left me in in original or better condition than how he found me, he's doing fine.

I then was invited to France this summer. I'd have to pay for the ticket and the rest would be covered. A photographer I knew in Miami is going to be there until mid-August and he asked me to visit. I'm really tempted because I'm itching for international travel and I could use a bogus adventure. He is staying in a place near the sea by the French-Spanish border. Ohhhhh.... I'll check my work schedule, and then we'll talk more. Alain is a really sweet guy and he was another soul that was very easy to be around. The only drawback was he traveled a lot for work and couldn't be in one place for long.

Well, I'm feeling that peaceful, easy feeling as The Eagles once sang. I don't have anyone I need to report to, but I have plenty to do. Enough time to myself, enough time with others. I'll just sit back and let myself cruise through this conference, promotion process, and perhaps my next big trip. I put enough efforts to make things work. I think I'll let the things I create work for me for a while.

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